10 best seeds for Cherry Blossom in Minecraft 1.20 Update (2024)

One of the most exciting Minecraft features that change with every update is the generation of brand-new worlds with unique seeds. New updates usually give way to newer map generation, structures, mob spawns, or mechanics, thereby changing how evenly everything spawns in each and every world generation. In the case of Minecraft 1.20, it introduced the brand new Cherry Grove biome, filled with pink-colored cherry trees and petals.

Cherry Groves are some of the most beautiful biomes in Minecraft, and some might say they’re a subtle nod to what the ill-fated revamp of the birch forest biome could have been. Now that the Minecraft 1.20 update is in full swing, this new biome type can regularly be expected inside in-game worlds.

Many players have started looking for seeds offering the best collection of cherry groves and other new features. Here are ten seeds that players can use to experience the beauty of cherry blossom trees.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales: Top 10 seeds for easy Cherry Grove exploration

10. Village, ravines, and more (Seed: 89132114)

The savanna village in this seed with the cherry blossom biome near spawn visible in the distance (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player on the border of a large plains field filled with sunflowers and a hill covered with the cherry grove biome. A village is located on the eastern side of the cherry biome, with a second generation of the new biome taking place beyond the structure as well.

One of the fascinating generational aspects of this spawn is that three ravines are found close to spawn, one in the middle of the large cherry biome and the other towards the west. A ruined portal and another village can be located on the southern border of the cherry biome.

9. Ancient City beside spawn (Seed: 12922644)

The Ancient City and Cherry Grove biome in this seed (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player on a gigantic mountain with a variety of biomes close by. The entire mountain is covered by a cherry grove biome from every direction except its northern side. If players can fly around the mountain using an elytra or creative mode, they’ll notice a border-like pattern made by the cherry biome around some snowy slopes and frozen peaks.

A pillager outpost can be found towards the southern side of the frozen peaks, right beside the spawn point, so players should watch out for pillagers attacking them early on. Finally, the belle of the ball is the Ancient City (X: 56 Y: -51 Z: -184) which sits right below the middle of the mountain. Descending straight from spawn will lead players to it.

8. Tiny Cherry Grove and other POIs (Seed: 284022503)

This is the smallest cherry grove on this list (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed is unlike most of the other seeds on this list, as the cherry biome that generates here is extremely small. The barely-120 block biome sits in the middle of a large field comprising the plains and savannah biomes.

While there is nothing unique about the spawn at first glance besides a ton of wood and space to build, the small size of the cherry biome can aid in the diversification of builds. Rivers can be found at all sides of the spawn point, and a village, shipwreck, and ruined portal lies within an 80-block radius of spawn.

7. Large cherry grove (Seed: 275492403)

This cherry grove biome stretches on for a while (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player in a vast cherry blossom biome that spans over 900 blocks and contains several mineshafts below it. Building around the spawn point might be a great idea since players can get a ton of loot from right underneath them.

Additionally, an Ancient City lies northeast of spawn and can be found within the confines of the cherry grove biome at X: 136 Y: -51 Z: -168. A ruined portal can be located at the northernmost tip of the cherry biome.

6. Overlapping biomes and igloo at spawn (Seed: 19934097)

Igloo and Cherry biome at spawn (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player in an exciting area with a cherry grove, a snowy slopes biome overlapping each other, and an igloo sitting right beside the spawn. Players can access the basem*nt of the igloo and loot whatever they find. A ruined portal and two mineshafts can also be found in the middle of the cherry biome around coordinates X: 8 Z: 120. A village lies around 80 blocks east of the cherry biome, with a river beside it.

If players travel around 600 blocks to the north, they will find another cherry biome significantly larger than the spawn biome. Additionally, four ancient cities can be found in this area at the coordinates below.

  • Ancient City 1: X: -344 Y: -51 Z: -680
  • Ancient City 2: X: 120 Y: -51 Z: -968
  • Ancient City 3: X: -376 Y: -51 Z: -1,032
  • Ancient City 4: X: -536 Y: -51 Z: -1,064

5. Multiple villages and Pillager Outpost near spawn (Seed: 338861)

Pillager Outpost and Cherry Blossom biome at spawn (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player in a cherry grove biome buzzing with activity and unique structures. A pillager outpost can be found to the immediate south of the spawning area, so players can get attacked as soon as they spawn.

Players can also find three villages nearby, towards the south, west, and northeast of spawn. All three can be seen if traveled for a short while. The village towards the west also has an Ancient City below it, beyond which lies a large ocean.

4. Valley with cherry grove (Seed: 432587)

A cherry blossom valley (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player towards the base of a mountain with a large elevated layer composed of a cherry grove biome. As the slope of the mountain declines, players will find themselves facing a large plains biome and a vast empty field. The cherry biome is wrapped around a massive chunk of the mountain and can also be found in a valley that generates within the same range towards the south.

The area in the middle is filled with snow. If players head north from the spawning location, they’ll find another mountain with a cherry biome coiled around its base. This can be a great setting, especially for servers with multiple players.

3. Picturesque cherry biome (Seed: 88917323)

This seed is excellent for capturing content (Image via Mojang)

This seed spawns Minecraft players in a large cherry grove biome with some of the most picturesque terrains in the Minecraft 1.20 version. The cherry forest has large stretches with widely spaced trees and several petals on the ground, making it an ideal spot to capture in-game footage and screenshots.

The biome sits on a low hill with snowy slopes biomes beside the two stretches of cherry groves. Another small cherry forest can be found around 500 blocks south of the spawn location. Players are encouraged to use shaders and resource packs when playing on this seed if their system can run the game with them.

2. Cherry grove and other biomes (Seed: 89138089)

The cherry grove biome with a ravine (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns players inside a massive chunk of land filled with the cherry grove biome and a ravine. The cherry forest is around 500-600 blocks long and is elevated, offering players an advantage and dominance over the surrounding area.

Starting a base might not be the worst idea in this biome since there are multiple rivers within a 250-block radius, an ocean to the far south, a badlands biome to the far west, and meadows, plains, and savanna biomes in various places around the area.

1. Cherry Grove village at spawn (Seed: 19642930)

This village spawns inside a cherry grove biome (Image via Mojang)

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns the player inside a 600-block-long cherry grove biome that has a village on its western biome border. Due to the generation of the cherry and surrounding plains biomes, the houses in the village are located at different heights, and a ravine can also be found in the middle.

Villages are some of the most welcome sights players can encounter during Minecraft endeavors. Fortunately, the Minecraft 1.20 update can often pair these structures with the beautiful cherry grove biome, which makes for some incredible scenery and might even inspire players to revamp the village or make their own.

The Cherry Blossom biome in Minecraft 1.20 gives players an experience similar to being in a forest filled with Japanese Sakura trees and petals. While bamboo wood might be considered one of the more useful wood-related additions to the game, the pure cosmetic genius behind this biome remains unrivaled.

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10 best seeds for Cherry Blossom in Minecraft 1.20 Update (2024)
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