100+ HumSS Research Topics – Humanities & Social Sciences (2024)

Humss (Humanities & Social Sciences) is an interesting field of study featuring college courses like Journalism, Communication Arts, and Education. Research projects for humss revolve around intellect, change, societal issues, and human conditions. Finding humss research topics is not as hard as it seems.

For instance, you should know that research topics for humss differ from science topics because scholars are more interested in questions than answers. Also, your topics should be interesting and controversial to capture your readers. Choosing the right research topic about humss will simplify finding content and writing your essay or research paper.


  1. Exciting Research Topic about Humss Strand
  2. Interesting Research Topic Related To Humss Strand
  3. Good Research Topics for Humss Students
  4. Quality Research Title about Humanities and Social Science
  5. Topics on Research Problem about Humss Strand
  6. Topics on Quantitative Research for Humss Students
  7. Quantitative Research Title Examples for Humss Students
  8. Qualitative Research Topics for Humss Students
  9. Awesome Research Topics Related to Humss
  10. Best Research Topics for Humss Students
  11. Perfect Humss Strand Research Topics
  12. Topics On Social Issues About Humss Strand
  13. Research Topic Ideas for Humss Students
  14. Key Topics Related to Humss
  15. Research Titles for Humss Students
  16. Concept Paper Topics about Humss
  17. Humss Background Design Topics
  18. Quantitative Humss Research Topics

Exciting Research Topic about Humss Strand

Humss strand is one of the courses offered to students who want to pursue college degrees in education, liberal arts, or other social sciences. Choose any of the exciting topics below for your high school humss research project:

  • The impact of aging on social interactions
  • Anti-vaccination is the latest trending social movement
  • Remote working is the latest trend in the corporate world
  • What is the root cause of social media addiction?
  • Is there a valid connection between social class and success?
  • How much control should parents have over their kid’s social life?
  • What is the appropriate age to start teaching students about gender studies?
  • The impact of single parenting on a child’s social connection

Interesting Research Topic Related To Humss Strand

Choosing interesting research about humss strand will help you stand out from the rest and impact the quality of your paper. Below are some thought-provoking humss research topics you can explore:

  • Feminism in the corporate place: a critical analysis
  • Does parental control influence a child’s social personality?
  • Conventional families: how do they impact a child’s development?
  • Growing up in an LGBTQ family: How does it influence a child’s sexual identity?
  • The effects of social media on teens and youths
  • The outcomes of social networking
  • Are unconventional families beneficial for child development?
  • Young motherhood: How does it impact a child’s wellbeing?

Good Research Topics for Humss Students

Are you a humss student looking for good topics for your research paper about the humss strand? Below are some ideas worth considering:

  • The impacts of foreign education on professional growth
  • The link between economic prosperity and the feeling of patriotism among citizens
  • The right to privacy: a critical analysis in the digital era
  • Social media preferences among different age and social groups
  • Does social media increase or reduce loneliness among individuals?
  • Is there a link between social media addiction and age?
  • How important is adding food education to the modern education curriculum?
  • A case study on the correlation between food and national identity

Quality Research Title about Humanities and Social Science

Whether you specialize in education, media, communication, liberal arts, or other social sciences, your humss research topic will influence your grade. You can choose an example of a research title about humss strand from the suggestions below:

  • The changes that feminism has bought on gender roles at home
  • The social perception of vegetarianism in different cultures
  • Spirituality and raw food diets: what is the connection?
  • Factors that affect students’ productivity during their free time
  • Social media activism: is it as effective as old-fashioned street protests?
  • Why you should take body language seriously during online interviews
  • Twitter: How it shifted from an ordinary social media platform to a political platform
  • Gender bias: concept definition

Topics on Research Problem about Humss Strand

You can make your essay or research paper stand out and earn good marks by selecting quality topics. Pick a topic about humss strand from the ideas below:

  • How has the digital era negatively influenced the social concept of morality?
  • The impact of social media on people’s ability to understand others’ feelings
  • Justice and wars: Who is the right person to judge?
  • The influence of the mass media on political attitudes and statistics
  • Awareness of public choice: Why is it so important?
  • Framing: What is its role in the political sector?
  • The root cause of reduced voter turnout: A case study of the United States
  • What impact do advertisem*nts have on political views?

Topics on Quantitative Research for Humss Students

Quantitative research involves collecting and analyzing data from deductive approaches like questionnaires while focusing on testing a specific theory. Finding a good top quantitative research topic about humss strand can make your study easier and more effective. Here are some noteworthy ideas:

  • The electoral process in Michigan (specify location): A quantitative analysis
  • The cultural practices related to childbirth rates in third-world countries
  • An evaluation of the factors promoting teenage pregnancies in the 21st century
  • The rate of teenage pregnancies in third-world countries Vs. first-world countries
  • Mass Media: Its impact on political statistics and voter behaviors
  • How critical are self-defending networks?
  • A critical analysis of the voter turnout in the recent elections in (state country or state)
  • Can technology upgrades influence relationships?

Quantitative Research Title Examples for Humss Students

Quantitative research involves data collection using questionnaires, interviews, and online or offline surveys. Below are some interesting topics you can write about in this area:

  • How can cyber-crimes affect human lives?
  • Racial bullying on social media: a critical analysis
  • Drug testing in the workplace: is it necessary?
  • How practical are modern components of sex education in High Schools?
  • The impacts of the government controlling women’s reproductive rights?
  • The root cause of stereotypes in society
  • How gambling feels to an addict
  • Group social education: What are its benefits?

Qualitative Research Topics for Humss Students

Qualitative research depends on data obtained through first-hand observation, recordings, or focus groups. You can pick a good qualitative research topic about the humss strand from the following examples:

  • Why do many students perform poorly in sciences?
  • The rate of college acceptance in developing nations
  • Academic preparedness of university students in the United States
  • Victims of bullying in schools: a case study of (state a specific school or location)
  • The relationship between android and apple products
  • Online digital marketing: what is it all about?
  • Virtual reality worlds: their role in transforming society
  • Should kids under four years get a preschool education?

Awesome Research Topics Related to Humss

Humss is a vast field with thousands of research topic options for students with various specialties. Choose a research topic related to humss from the following option:

  • The cultural construct of the masculine and feminine identity
  • How individuals interact with various physical elements
  • Inter-nation relationships: what challenges hinder healthy relationships between nations?
  • The value of language in societal success
  • How has the political sector in the United States evolved in the past century?
  • The implications of philosophical studies for the growth of a society
  • Diversity: how does it make society better?
  • Peace and harmony: why are differences vital for peace and harmony?

Best Research Topics for Humss Students

Choosing a research title about humss can be challenging if you have not done one before. For this reason, we prepared the following title ideas:

  • Religious discrimination in the digital era
  • The conflict between religion and the digital era
  • Social relations between Islam and Christianity
  • The unification of Germany: a look at the process
  • The great migration: a critical analysis
  • Feminism movements and their impacts on society
  • Does studying social sciences give you a better chance of success?
  • The impact of the Ottoman Empire on socialization

Perfect Humss Strand Research Topics

When choosing the perfect research topics for humss, you should consider your specialization and research type (qualitative or quantitative). Here are some examples to consider:

  • The impact of the pandemic on people’s social media behaviors
  • Internet purchases: how sales taxes affect them
  • The significance of understanding history in studying humanities
  • Are all human beings anatomically similar?
  • The role of humanities in higher learning institutions
  • Do humanities help students achieve higher analytical and problem-solving skills?
  • Why do universities require multiple humanities courses?
  • The influence of William Shakespeare’s plays on modern literature

Topics On Social Issues About Humss Strand

Focusing on a social issue is the best way to get a unique and interesting research topic for humss students. Here are some examples:

  • The beginning of the feminist era
  • How has the pandemic influenced the education sector?
  • The implications of social media on religion and culture
  • The impact of healthy doctor-patient relationships on the healthcare sector
  • The relationship between social media interaction and personality development
  • How is the digital era affecting the elderly in society?
  • Modern inter-nation wars: implications of the war between Ukraine and Russia
  • Is the United States still the most powerful country in the world?

Research Topic Ideas for Humss Students

Writing a research paper is as easy or hard as the topic you choose. Here are some humss research title ideas:

  • The relationship between empathy and the experience of illness
  • The impact of media on the study of medicine
  • The relationship between social media and education
  • Is diversity vital in society?
  • The impact of gun violence on school attendance
  • Modern aspects of poetry: a critical analysis
  • The COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on social media addiction
  • Social media addiction and age: what is the correlation?

Key Topics Related to Humss

Below are some key ideas on the topic about humss you can focus your research on:

  • How do parents influence their children’s social behaviors
  • Social education: how it helps students develop
  • How do teachers include their student’s course choices?
  • Boarding schools for boys Vs. boarding schools for girls
  • How has social media influenced people’s views of celebrities?
  • The role of social influencing in purchasing behaviors
  • When is military force justifiable
  • Should community service be mandatory for all students?

Research Titles for Humss Students

Your research title for humss will help you determine your paper’s outline and research methods. Below are some incredible topics you should consider:

  • Do advertisem*nts still influence people’s purchasing behaviors?
  • Social media marketing Vs. conventional advertising
  • Dual nationality: its impact on political views
  • The implications of personality on political attitudes
  • The correlation between collective action and public policies
  • Do changes in public policies influence public opinions?
  • The correlation between law-making and bureaucracy
  • The influence of public policy on innovation

Concept Paper Topics about Humss

A concept paper provides your research’s purpose, background, and outline. Therefore, choosing the perfect topic is vital. Below are some ideas to look into:

  • The US-Mexico Border Dilemma: an analysis
  • Perfectionist policy: concept definition
  • Why are more people turning to digital work in the 21st century?
  • Ethical issues in the dialysis of homelessness
  • Effects of stigma among leaders
  • How is technology reshaping the future of social interaction?
  • Importance of practical counseling sessions for Psychology students
  • How can parents cope with their kids’ disabilities

Humss Background Design Topics

A good humss research paper should have a background research topic. Here are some great examples:

  • The root cause of international cyber-attacks
  • The history of Europe and its importance in humanities studies
  • The root of punishment in households
  • Should religious freedom be granted to kids under 18 years?
  • The growth and spread of Islam in African nations
  • How missionaries shaped Africans’ views on religion
  • The impact of the Great Awakenings on US history
  • The growth of Pentecostalism in Latin nations

Quantitative Humss Research Topics

Quantitative research is a dominant research technique in social sciences, where students can focus on topics like politics and elections. Here are some good ideas:

  • The effectiveness of home care against nursing homes
  • The development of telehealth in the 21st century
  • How effective are cardiovascular treatments?
  • The link between mortality rates and gender
  • The changes in critic ratings and their impact on equity returns
  • Do people’s decision-making processes depend on their subconscious?
  • Impact of racism on mental health
  • Social anxiety triggers in youths

Let’s Help You

The humss strand is so vast that you can easily find a topic depending on your area of specialization. You can also pick a topic based on interesting social issues. Also, you must be keen on selecting a quality research title that stands out and makes your writing easier. If you feel overwhelmed choosing a title or writing a humss paper, we are here to help you. Talk to us now!

100+ HumSS Research Topics – Humanities & Social Sciences (2024)


What are the best topic for research Humss Strand? ›

Quantitative research topics about the HumSS strand of anthropology may include studying cultural, physical, evolutional, and biological issues. Cultural anthropology research topics are especially popular.

What are the topics in humanities and Social Sciences? ›

Branches of the humanities include law, languages, philosophy, religion and mythology, international relations, gender and women's studies, multicultural and regional studies, popular culture, and art and music, while branches of the social sciences include sociology, anthropology, archeology, geography, political ...

What are the topics related to Humss Strand? ›

Some subjects you will encounter in HUMSS Strand are:
  • Research in Daily Life.
  • Disciplines in the Applied Sciences.
  • Creative Writing.
  • Trends, Networks, and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century.
  • Creative Nonfiction.
  • Philippine Politics and Government.
  • Religious and Belief Systems.

What are the 10 examples of research title? ›

Top 10 Research Topics from 2021
  • Infectious disease. 29 articles | 1,643,000 views. ...
  • Nutritional immunology. 29 articles | 768,000 views. ...
  • Music therapy. 44 articles | 268,000 views. ...
  • Political misinformation. 11 articles | 219,000 views. ...
  • Plant science. 15 articles | 198,000 views. ...
  • Sustainable agriculture. ...
  • Mental health. ...
  • Aging brains.
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