Chicken Salad With Lemon-Sesame Dressing Recipe (2024)

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mary z

Made this with fresh salmon chunks instead of ground chicken, it was delicious — will definitely make again.

Brie G.

Miso is mostly just salty but it does have an umami aspect to it so I might try a combination of soy sauce or liquid aminos and a dash of fish sauce. The quantities would need to be based off your individual tastes so add sparingly and taste and continue to add until you are happy with the flavors. White and yellow miso's are very mild in flavor so keep that in mind if you are trying to stay in the spirit of the recipe. Happy cooking!

Tried it with…

Lightly sautéed broccoli with onions and garlic after the chicken came out to cool. Put over soba noodles — amazing!


This recipe is delicious. I upped the ginger and basil a bit to give it more of a slight kick. I'd recommend multiplying the ingredient amounts by about a third so that it feeds four adults well.


I subbed cilantro for the basil, added scallions, and sauteed garlic with the chicken. Delicious!!!

Henrietta Clarke

I don't use miso. Is there a logical substitution for it?

Lu H

Yum! I doubled the basil, ginger, lemon and sesame oil. Added garlic when cooking turkey. Mixed in farro and scallions to the salad portion and serve on a crunchy bed of romaine lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon.


Used crumbled tofu that I drained for several hours (before crumbling). It's delicious but I might see if I can get the tofu even drier before sautéing. Used lots of basil and mint; snap peas and a little cuke (no celery); toasted the sesame seeds first. Might add some red pepper for color. Delicious & light & fresh.


Very good. I made it with furikake instead of sesame seeds and it was a bit salty. I’d reduce the salt next time or do half furikake and half sesame seeds. Served it with rice. Delish.


Ground pork instead of poultry and add walnuts, and mint-makes this super yummy!

Healthy Cook

Just didn’t seem to have a lot going on other than the lemon flavor. Likely won’t make this again.


Very salty…not sure I really liked this


This is an easy and tasty salad to bring to work. I had it over spring mix. The lemon I used was HUGE, so next time I would go with less lemon juice so that you can taste the miso more.


This recipe has become a weeknight go-to! So flavorful and comforting. Quick to make, easy to clean up. Served over soba with a drizzle of chili crisp for some heat, it’s just perfect! I’ll try with additional vegetables next time as others have suggested, but I’ve loved it as written.


Added edamame…good flavor but kind of a weird/awkward dish. Would have appreciated more instructions on what to serve it with. And could use a few more ingredients like the edamame


Per the comments, I upped the miso to a third cup. LOVED it. I served it on salad.Super quick, easy weekday meal.

Miso disappointed

I thought this would have more miso flavor, the lemon juice overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the miso. I am an adventurous eater but the presentation was a wee bit off putting even for me. Sorry, this is a no go for me.

Decatur Sarah

I used chicken thighs in a very small dice instead of ground poultry. Lots of basil and a scoop of chili crisp at the end. Very quick and easy. Recommend.


I subbed cilantro for the basil, added scallions, and sauteed garlic with the chicken. Delicious!!!


We amazingly had everything in the fridge to make this, but subbed leftover grilled chicken for the ground meat. In a use-up-the-fridge attempt, my husband added a few scallions and snap peas he charred in a dry cast iron skillet before chopping up, also diced green apple and the juice of a lime for more acid. Delicious! Perfect lunch.


This was just... awful. The dressing was good, and we will make that again for soba noodles, but with the ground chicken the salad just didn't work.

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Chicken Salad With Lemon-Sesame Dressing Recipe (2024)
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