Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (2024)

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Quest Requirements
  • Beginning Cook's Assistant
  • Gathering the Ingredients
  • Quest Rewards
  • The Cook-o-matic 100
  • FAQs
    • Question: Is There Any Other Use of the Cook-o-matic 100?
    • Question: I Can't Find the Culinaromancer's chest! Where is It?
    • Question: Is the Cook-o-Matic 100 the Best Cooking Range in the Game?
  • Conclusion


One of the best milestones in Runescape is achieving your first level 99 skill. It’s an unforgettable moment in anyone’s Runescape career.

But getting a level 99 skill is easier said than done. After all, Runescape has taught us that half of 99 isn’t 49.5; it’s 92. The experienced needed for level 99 is in the millions, and you will spend a lot of time or money (Or both) getting your first 99.

Some people decide to tackle one of the more difficult skills as their first level 99, like Runecrafting, Thieving, or Construction. Many others opt to go down an easy route, like Firemaking, Fletching, or Cooking. And if it’s level 99 Cooking you want, the likely first step on your journey is completing Cook’s Assistant.

Cook’s Assistant is a timeless quest. It’s short, sweet (Pun intended), and provides good rewards for the time invested. Grab your chef’s hat and apron. We’ve got some baking to do.

Quest Requirements

The only things needed for Cook’s Assistant are an egg, a pot of flour, and a bucket of milk. You can easily obtain all of them from multiple locations around Lumbridge. You may want to bring along a couple of GP to get a bucket from the General Store if you don’t already have one. You can have these items ready in your inventory before speaking with the Cook to turn this into a 30-second quest.

Beginning Cook’s Assistant

Speak with the Cook in the kitchen on the bottom floor of Lumbridge Castle. He seems to be worried about something.

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (1)

It turns out that the Lumbridge Cook, whose sole job is to cook for Duke Horacio, forgot to cook a cake for Horacio’s birthday. The Cook needs you to get him an egg, a pot of flour, and a bucket of milk. You can get an egg from one of the nearby chicken coops, flour from the mill, and milk from one of the cow farms. Sounds easy enough.

If you need a pot for the flour, grab one here. You can get a bucket from the General Store for pocket change. Once you’ve got those, continue north past the General Store.

Gathering the Ingredients

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (2)

You can ignore the first cow pen you come across, as it doesn’t have a milking cow. Instead, head past it, and you’ll come across Farmer Fred’s farm. Grab an egg that one of the nearby chickens conveniently laid for you. You can start the Sheep Shearer quest while you’re here if you want.

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (3)

Head northwest from Freddie’s farm until you come across a wheat field. Pick a bushel of wheat, then head inside the nearby mill. Head to the top floor, place your grain inside the hopper, then operate the hopper controls. Head back down to the bottom of the mill and empty the flour bin. You’ll now have a pot of flour! One more ingredient to go.

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (4)

Head behind the mill and into the nearby cow farm to milk the dairy cow. The Lumbridge Cook will recommend that you milk the cow at Groats’ farm across the river, but there’s no need to go there. The Dairy cow here is closer to the castle.

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (5)

Return to the Lumbridge Cook with all three ingredients. If you already have them in your inventory when you first initiate the quest, he will humorously ask if you were planning on baking a cake.

Quest complete!

Quest Rewards

Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (6)

Completing Cook’s Assistant will give you the rewards of 1 Quest Point and 300 Cooking experience points. At least, that’s what it seems is all you get.

The game doesn’t tell you this in the quest rewards, but completing Cooks’ Assistant will also grant you access to the cooking range inside the kitchen: the Cook-o-matic 100.

The Cook-o-matic 100

The Cook-o-matic 100 is one of the best ranges in the game to use for Cooking training. There are two nearby banks, one upstairs, and the Culinaromancer’s chest in the basem*nt that you can use.

Dubbed the Cook-o-matic 100 by the Lumbridge Cook, this is a handy piece of equipment. All food in Runescape has a Cooking level that you need to achieve to stop burning said food. The Cook-o-matic 100 lowers the standard requirements to stop burning various food. The bonus, unfortunately, does not apply to all food in the game. Many food items that benefit are random things most players will never cook, like mackerel or snail meat. Funnily enough, cakes don’t aren’t on the list despite Cook’s Assistant being about making a cake.

The Cook-o-matic 100 will reduce the level to stop burning 99% of the food by 3-4. It’s not a big deal since Cooking levels come very quickly. But the last two items on the list have significant reductions and are very useful: the Botanical pie and Mushroom pie.

You typically have to have 84 and 89 Cooking to stop burning Botanical and Mushroom pies. But with the Cook-o-matic 100, those numbers drop to 52 and 60, respectively (Levels you can achieve in a few hours).Botanical and Mushroom pies give a temporary +4 boost to Herblore and Crafting, respectively. Both are expensive to buy outright or the ingredients, so this is a net positive. Thanks, Cook-o-matic 100!


Question: Is There Any Other Use of the Cook-o-matic 100?

Answer: Yes. One of the objectives for the Easy Lumbridge/Draynor Achievement Diary is to cook some bread on the Cook-o-matic 100.

Question: I Can’t Find the Culinaromancer’s chest! Where is It?

Answer: You cannot see the Culinaromancer’s chest until you start Recipe for Disaster. If you’re a new player, forget about this one for a spell. The skill requirements for RfD aren’t bad, but the quest requirements are significant.

Question: Is the Cook-o-Matic 100 the Best Cooking Range in the Game?

Answer: Despite how good it is, no, it’s not. Several other areas in Runescape make for better Cooking training spots. The best is probably the Hosidius House Kitchen.


One of the earliest goals most Runescape players tackle is completing all of the F2P quests in the game. Most are quick and easy ways to stack your Quest Points (Of which you will need many). Most of them don’t have overly amazing rewards (As expected of mostly beginner-level quests), but there are some exceptions. Cook’s Assistant is one of them.

The Cook-o-matic isn’t the best cooking range overall, but it’s definitely the best early game range. You can use it to set yourself nicely on training food by snagging some raw trout/salmon from the Barbarian Village fishing spot and cooking them here. It’s a rite of passage in any Runescape player’s journey. And it’s part of the unforgettable experience that is Runescape.

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Cooks Assistant OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (2024)


How to complete cook's assistant? ›

Cook's Assistant was the first RuneScape quest ever released. In the quest, players must obtain a bucket of top-quality milk, a super large egg, and a pot of extra fine flour. They need to give the items to the cook, who requires the ingredients to make a birthday cake for Duke Horacio.

What is the chef's quest in RuneScape? ›

Chef's Assistant is a short to medium length novice quest and is a sequel to Cook's Assistant. To start the quest, the player must talk to the Head Chef in the Cooking Guild. During and after completing the quest, players will be able to make various cheesecakes, that restore both life and Prayer points.

Where is the Draynor pig pen in OSRs? ›

Go to Draynor Village, by walking or teleporting with an Amulet of glory. Dig north-west of the Draynor Village jail, just by the wheat farm, 4 tiles north of the bush near Leela. See third image below. Dig in the pig pen next to where Martin the Master Gardener is.

Is kitchen assistant hard? ›

Based on common challenges faced by kitchen assistants, some of the most difficult aspects can be: Physically demanding tasks such as lifting heavy pots and pans, standing for long hours and working in a hot and fast-paced environment.

What is the large egg in cook's Assistant? ›

The super large egg is special egg that can be found in Fred the Farmer's chicken yard in Lumbridge, in the chicken coop at the Lumbridge Watermill, or by killing chickens during Cook's Assistant. It is one of the ingredients for the royal cake.

Does a chef's hat help Cooking Osrs? ›

A chef's hat is a white hat that allows players to enter the Cooks' Guild if they have the required Cooking level of 32. Apart from that, they serve little use and are purely cosmetic.

What food heals the most in RuneScape? ›

The highest-healing food for non-members is a swordfish; for members, it is the sailfish calorie bomb, although in an ideal situation braindeath rum can heal 3,276, making it the highest single use food in the right conditions.

How do you get the 99 Cooking cape? ›

The Cooking cape can be purchased for 99,000 coins alongside the Cooking hood from the Head chef at the Cooks' Guild by players who have achieved skill mastery (level 99) in Cooking. It is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Cooking skill.

Where is Bob the Jagex cat? ›

As Bob likes to wander the world, he has one of the largest wander radius of all NPCs in the game, spawning outside his human Unferth's house in Burthorpe every time there is a system update, after which he is allowed to roam up to 30,000 tiles in any direction.

Where is the vampire in RuneScape? ›

Go to Draynor Village, and then head north to the Draynor Manor. Once inside, go down the large stairs on the east side of the building. There will be a coffin in the centre of the room. Open it and the vampyre, Count Draynor, will pop up and attack you.

Where is Hetty RuneScape? ›

She is located in the middle-right building in Rimmington, and since the Rimmington graphical update, her house no longer has a quest icon. She also features during the Swept Away quest to enchant the broomstick. Players were asked to retrieve a newt from the trapdoor outside her house before she would enchant it.

Where to get pink shirt osrs? ›

The pink shirt is a piece of clothing that can be purchased from Agmundi Quality Clothes on the western side of Keldagrim Palace. Despite being designed for dwarves, players are able to wear it.

Where is the dairy cow in the osrs? ›

Dairy cows are black and white in color; you cannot fight them. They can be found around the brown cows you can fight. The closest dairy cow is in Lumbridge near the chicken farm, where all the cows are. Find the dairy cow and click on it.

How to craft a coif in OSRs? ›

Coifs are the best ranged headgear available for free to play. It can be made by members at level 38 Crafting with one leather (soft), a needle, and thread. Making a coif in the Lumbridge cow field is a requirement for the medium Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.

What do you do as an assistant cook? ›

An Assistant Cook, or Assistant Chef ensures the kitchen is orderly and assists Cooks to prepare and arrange food. Their duties include cleaning the kitchen area, washing dishes and utensils and ensuring that the Cook has everything required to run the kitchen efficiently.

What does a catering assistant cook do? ›

The Assistant Cook is responsible for providing support to the Head Cook in the preparation and service of meals. This includes prepping ingredients, cooking items, plating meals, and cleaning up the kitchen throughout the day. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, organized and able to multitask.

Who is the assistant to the chef? ›

A chef assistant provides support for the head chef of a restaurant, bakery, catering business, or cafeteria. As a chef assistant, your job duties include managing inventory, ensuring that the kitchen meets food safety and cleanliness standards, and helping kitchen staff with food preparation.

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