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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Outlines GR Supra Enhancements
Improvements to Feature Upgraded Driving Performance and RZ Stick Shift

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To drive against
the grain.
Lone aesthetic beauty.
The final sense in Pure Sport.
Identity over trend.
Excellence created from precision.
Emotion beyond efficiency.
It’s not about the perfect score.
It’s about the ultimate in “driving satisfaction”.
Heading towards the truth.
A philosophy passed down, with cutting-edge technology on four wheels.
We’ve made it this far, yet it’s only just beginning.
Supra finds its own path.


Toyota Unveils GR Supra at Detroit Auto Show
First Global Model in the GR Series

TOKYO, Japan (January 14, 2019)—Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled its GR Supra at the Detroit Auto Show*1 today (US Eastern Standard Time). It will go on sale in Japan in spring 2019.
The GR Supra is the first global model in the GR sports car series developed by Toyota GAZOO Racing. Since first competing in the 24 hours of Nürburgring endurance race in 2007,*2 Toyota GAZOO Racing has developed its cars and people through motorsports activities with the goal of "making ever-better cars." The team has applied all of the knowledge and expertise it has amassed so far to create the GR Supra, a car designed to set drivers' hearts racing.


"Back in the day, my Supra and I spent hours together as I trained to become a master driver, and for me the model is like a cherished old friend" says Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who is also a master test driver. "Back then, it was so frustrating that we could only drive an old Supra that was an end-of-life model, while drivers of other manufacturers were all piloting their new prototypes around Nürburgring. The many Supra fans around the world were not the only ones eagerly awaiting Supra's revival; I secretly wanted to make it happen too. The GR Supra was born through rigorous testing at Nürburgring. And as a result I can state with confidence that this GR Supra is not just fun to drive…it's totally the best driving experience."


The GR Supra is the fifth generation in the series, and returns following a 17-year break after production halted in 2002. Since the Supra debuted in 1978,*3 all generations have had in-line six-cylinder engines up front with rear wheel drive, and the new model is no exception. This time particular attention has been paid to three fundamentals—wheelbase, track width, and low center of gravity—to impart handling capabilities appropriate to a pure sports car.


"Our aim was to build a pure sports car offering the ultimate in driving pleasure," explains Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer on the development project. "Rather than just chasing the right numbers for horsepower or lap times, we also focused on the sensory experience to let the driver become part of the car and feel the pleasure of driving."

  • *1 Officially titled the North American International Auto Show, the Detroit Auto Show is open to the public from January 19 to 27, with press days on January 14 and 15.
  • *2 Then simply called GAZOO Racing, the team entered the event with two used Altezza modified for the purpose. The team consisted of willing volunteers and all the mechanics were Toyota employees, as were half of the drivers, including company president Akio Toyoda.
  • *3 In Japan, the debut model was dubbed the Celica XX ("double-X"). The first model released under the Supra name in 1986 in the Japanese market was the third-generation global Supra.

Morizo talks about his old friend Supra's thought for resurrection

Without Supra, I couldn't be a master driver.
I trained my master driver ability by driving Supra a long time ago. I went to Nürburgring and together with Mr.Naruse... who taught me how to drive the car.
Many car is driving more than 200 kilometers... so I'm so scared.
One lap is about 10 minutes... I felt like 10 minutes from now... am I still alive?
At that time, Supra is no longer in Production... no longer sales. All other car makers, their vehicle is the vehicle... which they're going to introduce... two or three years from now. Only Toyota, only myself, is driving used car.
Today, I meet friend from long, long time ago. We are kind of separated but now we meet again. We're back in Nürburgring for final testing of the GR Supra.
Toyota lovers are waiting for the Supra. I think we need a Supra story again.



What is the price of Toyota Supra Gazoo? ›

2024 Toyota GR Supra Pricing
GR Supra 2.0$45,540
GR Supra 3.0$54,500
GR Supra 3.0 Premium$57,650
GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition$64,375

How much is the GR Supra GT4? ›

The GR Supra GT4 EVO will debut at the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge season at Daytona sometime in January 2023. Orders for this new vehicle are open, and the starting price is $185,000, not including taxes, customs, and logistics fees. Customers can upgrade their cars to the EVO specifications with an upgraded kit.

How much did the GR Supra racing Concept cost? ›

That makes it hard to compare the $2-million Supra concept's price to anything, but in terms of how much it's done since its debut, $2 million sounds a little steep. Really, think about it. For $2 million, it debuted in March and sat on display.

Is the Toyota GR Supra fast? ›

The baseline 2021 Toyota Supra has a top speed of 155 mph, going from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds.

Which Supra has 3000 HP? ›

The Toyota 2JZ straight-six is synonymous with big power and drag racing. Four-digit output ratings aren't uncommon among Supra racers, but it isn't everyday that we see one of these motors pushing more than 3000 horsepower.

How much is a 2JZ Supra worth? ›

Toyota Supra 2JZ Manual Sells For $201k (Updated)

Is the Supra GT4 road legal? ›

As a GT4 race car, it is required to share the same basic parts as the production car it is based on. For this reason, even though the GR Supra GT4 is a race-specific machine, its basic parts and components are the same as the GR Supra that anyone can drive on public roads.

How much is Paul Walker's Supra mk4? ›

The famous orange Toyota Supra driven by the legendary late Paul Walker in first instalment of Fast and Furious has been auctioned off at a price of $550,000 (approx. Rs 4.08 crore). The auction was held by the Barett-Jackson auction house in Las Vegas.

What is the top speed of a GR Supra GT4? ›

Traxxas 1/10 Scale GR Supra GT4 Data
Length:19.3 inches (490 mm)
Steering:Dual bellcrank
Radio System:TQ 2.4 GHz transmitter
Servo:2075 high torque waterproof
Top Speed:30+ mph (with included optional pinion gear)
23 more rows

How much is Paul Walker's Supra going for? ›

Fast & Furious Supra driven by Paul Walker sells for $550,000, a new record. Love the movie or hate it, The Fast and the Furious has earned it's place in culturally important car films.

How much did Paul Walker's Supra go for? ›

The iconic 1994 Toyota Supra that Paul Walker drove in the film crossed the auction block at Barrett-Jackson with a hammer price of $550,000. It's no small figure for a car tied to what's undoubtedly become a cult-classic film years after its box office debut.

How much is the Barrett-Jackson Supra worth? ›

The Lamborghini Diablo Candy Orange Pearl Supra was driven by actor Paul Walker in the first entry of the "Fast Saga," and also went on to appear in the 2003 sequel "2 Fast 2 Furious." This 1994 Toyota Supra sold for $550,000 at the 2021 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction on June 19, 2021.

Is Supra faster than Bugatti? ›

The Supra is undoubtedly a swift ride, but it falls short of the Chiron's caliber. The Chiron, with its incredible performance, is simply too powerful and fast for a Supra to beat.

Why is Supra so powerful? ›

Toyota made diligent efforts to cut weight, and ended up with a better power-to-weight ratio than the Ferrari 348. They chose aluminium for the bonnet, suspension upper arms, bumper supports and more. It had a single exhaust because a twin one gave no more power.

Why is Supra so famous? ›

Supra's are mythical creatures with a well deserved following. The I6 engine they used was very strong even bone stock. It could make 500HP without replacing any internal components. It was also very easy to work on and has plenty of space under the hood.

Is Toyota Gazoo a car? ›

Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) is a motorsport division of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Alongside competition activities, the division develops technologies for the GR sub-brand of Toyota's sports and performance-oriented production road cars.

Will there be a 2024 Supra? ›

Let's talk about the 2024 Toyota Supra price: the starting MSRP is $45,540 for the 2.0 model and the Starting MSRP is $54,400 for the 3.0 model. It has five different exterior paint options: an exclusive Mikan Blast for the 45th Anniversary Edition, Stratosphere, Absolute Zero, Nocturnal, and Renaissance Red.

What is the difference between Supra and GR Supra? ›

When comparing the Toyota GR Supra's and the Toyota Supra's specifications and ratings, the Toyota GR Supra has the advantage in the areas of fuel efficiency and base engine power. The Toyota Supra has the advantage in the area of typical lower range of pricing for one- to five-year-old used cars.

How much is the Toyota Celica in 2024? ›

Toyota has added a 45th Anniversary Edition to its 2024 GR Supra lineup to celebrate the sports car's origins as the Celica Supra when it arrived all the way back in 1979. The 2024 model otherwise is largely carried over and starts at $46,635 (all prices include $1,095 destination charge).

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