INPS - Autenticazione (2024)


La Carta Nazionale dei Servizi o CNS è una smart card o una chiavetta USB che contiene un "certificato digitale" di autenticazione personale, utile per accedere ai servizi online della Pubblica Amministrazione. Con la CNS puoi accedere ai servizi online per il cittadino o ad eventuali altri se abilitato dall'INPS.


avere una CNS attiva;

accedere da una postazione che permetta la lettura della CNS (ovvero dotata di apposito lettore in caso di smart card);

aver installato i driver della CNS, forniti da parte dell'Amministrazione emittente.

Dopo aver verificato i prerequisiti esegui le seguenti operazioni:

inserisci la CNS nel lettore di smart card o porta USB;

premi il pulsante PROCEDI, ti verranno elencati tutti i certificati di identificazione personale presenti sul computer e nella CNS;

seleziona il certificato di autenticazione contenuto nella CNS e premi il pulsante OK. Il certificato della CNS contiene il tuo codice fiscale tra gli elementi di identificazione;

inserisci il codice PIN della CNS, fornito dall'Amministrazione emittente; si tratta in genere di un codice composto da 5-8 cifre. Il PIN ha la funzione di prevenire l'utilizzo della CNS da parte di persone non autorizzate.

Nota: si informa che non è consentito l'accesso mediante credenziali SPID, CIE, CNS o eIDAS intestate a soggetti minorenni. L'INPS consente a chi esercita la potestà genitoriale di accedere ai servizi online per i figli minorenni attraverso la "Delega dell'identità digitale".

INPS - Autenticazione (2024)


What is imps in Italy? ›

The National Institute for Social Security (Italian: Istituto nazionale della previdenza sociale, INPS) is the main entity of the Italian public retirement system. All waged labourers and most of self-employed, without a proper autonomous social security fund, must be subscribed to INPS.

How to register INPS? ›

This registration can be done all by internet, through the INPS official website ( You can be enrolled in gestione separata by receiving an online code (PIN code) from the INPS website (

How many years do you have to work in Italy to get a pension? ›

OLD-AGE PENSION: following the coming into force of Law 335/95, you have a right to apply for an old-age pension provided you are an employed person, have paid at least 20 years' contributions, and are 65 years of age if you are a male, or 60 years of age if you are a female.

How much is the old age pension in Italy? ›

In 2022 the maximum benefit was EUR 1 222.51 per month. The payment is subject to a reduction of 5.84% for social contributions and the maximum net benefit is EUR 1151.12 per month. Benefits are subject to income tax.

Who pays for the INPS? ›

Contribution rates affect both workers and employers. However, employers are required to pay contributions for themselves and for their dependent workers.

How do I register myself in Italy? ›

If you live on your own, you should file a request to the Anagrafe of the comune (municipality) where you usually live. You must follow this procedure everytime you change your municipality of residence in Italy. When you move to another city, you must register at the Anagrafe of your new comune within 20 days.

How to apply for ISEE in Italy? ›

Request an ISEE certificate free of charge from INPS (Italian National Pensions Institute), a CAF (Tax Assistance Centre), or your municipal offices; it may take several weeks to obtain it. To speed up the process you can also access the so-called "pre-filled ISEE" on the INPS online services.

What is the flat-rate tax in Italy? ›

The flat-rate scheme provides for a one-time tax of 15%. It is a substitute tax for the following taxes: Irpef, regional surtax, municipal surtax and Irap. Therefore, the 15% rate is applied to the income calculated as in the previous point, once Social Security contributions are deducted.

Does IMPS work internationally? ›

YOU can send rupees via NEFT or IMPS only to those accounts maintained in India by different banks. NEFT network is managed by RBI and IMPS is manged by NPCI. But you can not send rupees through NEFT or IMPS from an Indian Bank Account to an American Bank Account directly.

What is IMPS in economy? ›

IMPS or Immediate Payment Service transfers money from one bank account to another through the Indian banking system. The system enabled 24x7x365 real-time, interbank, electronic transfers where only NEFT and RTGS services were available in India.

What payment method is available in Italy? ›

PayPal is the most common digital wallet in Italy, with a 91% market share. Some people shop online with Italy-exclusive Satispay, but it's more common for peer-to-peer payments. Skrill, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay round out the list.

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