Minecraft: How to Stop Pillagers from Spawning (2024)

Wondering how to stop pillagers from spawning in Minecraft? Within Minecraft’s vast world, you will encounter various mobs, some peaceful, content to mind their own affairs, while others are more aggressive, attacking players on sight.

Among the most vexing of these hostile mobs are the pillagers. These foes may bear a resemblance to villagers but possess neither their vulnerability nor their docile nature, instead wielding crossbows with deadly precision. If you are having trouble will them, knowing how to stop pillagers from spawning can be helpful. In this guide, we have shared different ways to stop pillagers from spawning in Minecraft.

Guide to Stop Pillagers from Spawning in Minecraft

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Before we talk about ways to stop pillagers from spawning, we first need to understand where do they spawn first. Pillagers can spawn in three different ways/locations:

1) Patrols

Pillagers often appear in groups known as patrols. These patrols can consist of 2 to 5 pillagers, and one of them is pillager captain who usually carries a banner. Approximately every 5 and a half days, a patrol will show up within 24 to 48 blocks of your location in the game. Typically, they wander about and won’t bother you unless you get too close to them.

2) Pillager Outposts

Pillager Outposts are tall buildings spread throughout the Minecraft world. You can discover these structures in places like plains, deserts, and mountains, which are the usual types of landscapes. But, exploring the area near these structures can be quite a challenge because pillagers keep appearing over a wide area around the outpost all the time.

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3) Pillager Raids

Raids are like an event that happens in the game when a player goes into a village with the Bad Omen status. In a raid, players need to protect the village from several groups of bad mobs called illagers, which include pillagers. Sometimes, players accidentally start a raid in their own base if there are villagers around, because Minecraft sees any place with villagers and beds as a village.

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Now, that you know about pillager’s spawning mechanism, we can start discussing ways to stop them from spawning in Minecraft.

Best Ways to Stop Pillagers from Spawning in Minecraft

1) Disable Patrol Spawning

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Patrol spawning is a natural event and there is no way to stop unless you decide to spawn proof entire area around your base. Luckily, casual players who want to have a fun and peaceful experience playing Minecraft can disable doPatrolSpawning game rule to stop pillager patrols from spawning in their world. You can disable this game rule while creating a new world or use the following command to disable it:

/gamerule doPatrolSpawning false

2) Disable Raids

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Raids can be pretty annoying as you have to fight waves of pillagers, vindicators, and sometimes even dangerous ravagers. If you are not prepared to take on a raid, be ready to die to multiple times. Like patrols, you also have the option to disable raids. To disable raids, you can turn on disableRaids game rule while creating a new world or enter the following command:

/gamerule disableRaids true

3) Drink Milk to remove Bad Omen status

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If you don’t want to mess with game rules or use special commands, you need to take some simple steps to prevent pillagers from showing up in Minecraft. It’s a good idea to keep milk buckets handy to get rid of the Bad Omen effect. You can get milk from cows, goats, or mooshrooms. Drinking a bucket of milk will make any strange effects on your character go away. So, if you have that Bad Omen effect, try to stay away from places where villagers live.

4) Light up area around your base

To make sure those pesky patrols don’t appear near your base, you can simply scatter light sources like torches or lanterns all over the place. Patrols only pop up on blocks that have less than nine units of light. So, as long as your base stays well-lit with a light level of nine or higher, you can rest easy knowing those bothersome pillagers won’t bother you by spawning nearby. Just keep those lights shining, and you will be patrol-free!

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Minecraft: How to Stop Pillagers from Spawning (2024)
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