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Mayra of Bronx, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 6, 2023

My family and I traveled for a wedding in Cartagena for the first time and the experience with Avianca were awful .. no entertainment, you have to pay for water and the worse part is the customer services representative in THE AIRPORTS FROM NY TO COLOMBIA and then Colombia to NY WAS WORSE. They are rude to welcoming and asking them questions is like the worse to them. My and family felt so disrespected. The check-in process in the app can be useless as well. I am sad they make our experience in Colombia horrible.

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (2)

Top 304 Avianca Reviews (3)

Hony of Fairfax, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

I bought a ticket for my grandmother on December 2022 & paid for the 1st Bag (23kg). They charged her $250 for the 2nd bag at the airport (Viru Viru, Santa Cruz Bolivia) but only after they saw her crying becae they were first asking $350 for it. They didn't even offer her water during the 6 hr. flight to Washington D.C. Tiny 8 oz. Bottle was $5.

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Customer Service over the phone is horrible too. The representatives always sound rushed and treat you like a simple cheeseburger transaction. No empathy or service whatsoever. Horrible experience for me just trying to help my grandmother, I can only imagine what it was for her. Avoid at all costs. Only choose to fly with them if it's the VERY last resource, but it's still a huge risk from what I read on other reviews.

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Donna of Heckenberg, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 11, 2023

The flight staff are unpleasant, the flight was unpleasant, you aren't even offered water, everything must be paid for, and in US dollars. Excuuse me, first and last flight, I would rather walk!! Never will I fly with them again 3.5 hours, longest hours of my life! To post this review I have to give a star, not my choice!

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (5)

LR of Roseville, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 25, 2022

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This airline has always been abusive and takes advantage of customers. I tried to change my flight from Guatemala to Sacramento and they canceled my flight, when the total cost of the flight was &461.00 in total. I tried to make the change and waited for some sort of email confirmation and even called them and spoke to customer support and they said the request was still under review and there was nothing I could do or from them, after I talked to them on the phone I waited a couple of days and decided to call back to find out the status of my request, and they told me that my flight was canceled and the refund had already been provided. I told them that I had already tried to find out about the application and if they had told me that the flight was going to be canceled and that it was going to lose almost all the value, I would have left the flight as it is. But they didn't care about my explanation and hung up.

My credit card was charged $461 and only $92.15 was refunded. $368.85 that was what they stole from me, I'm going to contact my credit card to see if they can get my money back but I don't think they can. The online service is operating solely and exclusively for them with all the advantages and coldness of the case. THEY ARE THIEVES.

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (6)

C of Washington, DC Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 7, 2022

THE WORST AIRLINE FROM THE US LATIN AMERICA, they are rude, ignorant about their own services and super complicated about their services. I make a mistake when making a reservation and when tried to chance the date I had to fill forms, send emails with my ID pictures, deal with their hideous accents with they pretend to speak English. Their website is absurdly complex and they have no clue when you ask questions. They will tell you things like "at your own risk" or "it is not our responsibility" or horrible things like that in order to not continue helping you. Can you believe I had to fill a form when their site game a system error?

They treated me as if it was my fault. Also, they never wanted to reimburse my money like any other airline in the world would do. They have invented some absurd gift card in which is your money so you are forced to still use their services. It's a nightmare. They make you pay to check in at the airport and very proudly will tell you they do not provide accessibility services for the elderly or anything like that. NEVER AGAIN, AVIANCA IS THE WORST AIRLINE I've taken in 30 years traveling the world.

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (7)

Wendy of Bronx, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 5, 2022

Updated on 12/05/2022: This is the second part of my review, it takes a lot for me to leave a negative review for any business or a person but I've had it. Not only is hard and frustrating to communicate with customer service. They never return the call when the line gets disconnected. If you refer to my ticket it says time at gate 2:59am! WHAT A DAMM LIE!!! Time at the line was 1:00am (there's cameras at the airport). The first one on the line, employees showed up at 2:45am // FLIGHT is at 3:30am // Gates close at 3:15am/ Flight ends up getting delayed because employees were still walking in to work. Beyond Unprofessional!! I was the First one at the check in counter and last one to make it to the gate. SMH!!

Not only did the employee's escalated a situation with drunk passengers at the check in counters, but they got everyone involved, My Hubby and I had to step in and help because NOT ONE EMPLOYEE spoke English or enough English to diffuse the situation/ but the females were quick to take their phones out and record/ and antagonize the passengers. Yes they were intoxicated but the employees are unprofessional they made matters worst.

Seat upgrade - PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! I was charged an extra $70 Dollars to move from Seat 10A to 11A "as an upgrade" only one road up = False advertisement// extra leg room/ comfortable seats/ charging station// LIES LIES LIES!!!!. No extra space/ USB charger were not working / seats were exactly the same/ I am 5"5 and I couldn't even seat comfortably. The seats actually felt like they had shrunk.

Luggage was paid // $90 dollars for the second luggage under my hubby's name as his first checked bag// at the airport they charged me $100 one way/ A CHECKED CARRY ON? WOOWOWOW. Since I've returned from my trip I have been trying to resolve this issue and I haven't gotten anywhere. I hope this gets someone's attention. I rather pay extra at another airline honestly!! If I could give Negative stars I would have!!! SINCERELY A NOT VALUED OR HAPPY NOT RETURNING CUSTOMER!

Original Review: I am writing a very long and multi layer review for this airline. First informal, I have heard nothing bad reviews, and I really hoped that it wouldn't be my case, but unfortunately it is. #1 Customer service at the Airport in Cartagena/ the worst. Not only were they not able to help but were quick to charge me extra and almost made me miss my flight. I got charged three times for baggage after I had already paid in advance. They were not able to "locate the confirmation" although the purchase was made directly through their application. I also had shown my bank statement and receipt and still got charged. I had also paid for my seats in advanced and got charged 4 times for it. How ridiculous!!!

I called the airline and no one seems to know how to help, they send you back to website to do a claim, they don't know the time frame of anything. And everything is a run around for something that can be fixed right away. Also they are never the correct department you have to wait for the correct department to send you an email. Not one person in this entire airline has the decency to return a call.

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Alvaro of London, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 15, 2022

I bought a ticket through their website and was always pressured to pay more for the ticket when I just needed the basic fare. Unfortunately, I got sick with influenza before my trip and was forced to cancel it. I called Avianca and they said that unless I had a medical excuse, they would not provIde me with a voucher or reimbursement (I never wanted my money back, just a voucher that I could use for a future trip). Furthermore, they do not consider influenza as a valid disease to prevent travel. This is outrageous as I was feverish and could have spread the virus to other people.

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (9)

Antonio of Sto Dgo, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 31, 2022

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THEY STEAL YOU MONEY! I booked by mistake 4 flights, and cancelled it right away. By law and the airlines politics, they should refund if you cancel during the first 24 hours of the payment, I literally canceled 5 minutes after I paid. This was 3 months ago an still no money. They won't give me any detail, and I lost 1500 USD. They are stealing people's money!

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (10)

Maria of Southbank, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 18, 2022

I had a flight from Medellín to Miami that was booked 5 months ago. Two weeks ago they decided without notify me about the change, but I did my best to change all the bookings that I had arriving in Miami. This morning my flight was at 6:00 am when they didn't even tell me that the flight was delayed 3 hours making me lose my connection in Bogotá, that also made me have issues already with the rental car company. They gave us a voucher to buy some food, voucher that is only usefully after 9:30 am and my flight is at 9:15 am. Avianca customer service is useless!

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Top 304 Avianca Reviews (11)

Valerie of Miami Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 23, 2022

Besides being assigned to the emergency sit, which didn't recline, and the 5.5 hr flight was extremally uncomfortable, I was carrying a large canvas painting, protected by a cardboard, 2mm thick, that fits behind the last seats on the plane, without bothering anyone. This airline charged me almost $100 and put my paint with the cargo. Very unnecessary and just plain rude.

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How strict is Avianca with carry on weight? ›

Carry-On Allowance : 1 Bag + 1 Personal Item

On all Avianca flights, each passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on bag and one (1) personal item. The carry-on hand luggage must not weigh more than 22 pounds (10 kilos) and the external dimensions (H+L+W) must not exceed 115 centimeters (45 inches).

How safe is Avianca Airlines? ›

Avianca, the national airline of Colombia, had a series of major crashes from 1983 through 1990. But it has had almost no problems since then — no fatal accidents since 1990, and no incidents of any kind since 1999.

Does Avianca give blankets? ›

In-flight entertainment: bring entertainment and comfort material on board. We will only have blankets on flights to Europe and night flights longer than 5 hours. The entertainment system will be on (use it with your own headphones) on flights longer than 3 hours.

How do I file a complaint against Avianca? ›

Avianca Contact Information
  1. Avianca headquarters address. Mailing address needed.
  2. Company website.
  3. 1-800 phone number. Toll-free number pending.
  4. Support email address.
  5. Better Business Bureau rating. A+
  6. Customer service hours. 24 hours a day.

Can I take a backpack on Avianca? ›

It can be a purse, a backpack, a diaper bag, a bag to carry your laptop or a small package. Its dimensions should not exceed 18x14x10 in. (height, length and width) so that you can place it under the front seat without disturbing other passengers.

Does Avianca have free checked bags? ›

Does Avianca charge for baggage? Avianca's M, L, XL, and XXL fares include checked baggage. Depending on your fare type, Avianca includes either 1 or 2 pieces of checked baggage in a passenger's standard allowance. XS and S fares do not include any checked luggage.

What is the riskiest airline? ›

Fatalities By Airline
  • Air France: 347 fatalities.
  • Air India: 542 fatalities.
  • Air India Express: 179 fatalities.
  • AirBlue: 152 fatalities.
  • American Airlines: 858 fatalities.
  • Avianca: 181 fatalities.
  • Birgenair: 186 fatalities.
  • China Airlines: 760 fatalities.

What is the most trusted airline? ›

The most reliable airline of 2022

Hawaiian Airlines performed the best in every metric we checked — from on-time percentage to involuntary denied boardings. That makes Hawaiian Airlines our most reliable airline for 2022 in a landslide. Delta takes second place overall with a No.

When was the last Avianca crash? ›

January 25, 1990

Does Avianca have WIFI on plane? ›

Connect to the 'Avianca' network from your device's WifiWi-Fi settings page. 3. Open an internet browser on your device and you will be automatically redirected to the Onboard Wi-Fi home page. If you are not automatically redirected, type '' into your web browser.

Are you allowed to keep the blanket they give you on flights? ›

Blankets. Business and first-class flights offer comfort items like blankets during the flight. You must leave them on board when you're leaving the plane as they can be reused. “Paying more to travel in a better class does not entitle passengers to take items offered for the journey,” says Webber.

Do airlines wash the blankets? ›

Most people don't want to use a dirty blanket, but surely airlines don't throw them away… right? Well, good news: in the vast majority of cases, they're washed, reused, recycled and, in some cases, even made of recycled materials, so you can snuggle up in one with a clear environmental conscience.

Can you sue an airline for emotional distress? ›

"Emotional Distress" is something people often ask about when considering filing a suit. If a pilot or airline is negligent in their maintenance or operation of an aircraft and has made you fear for your life, then yes, you may be able to sue for emotional distress.

How do you sue an airline and win? ›

How To Sue An Airline?
  1. Gather evidence of the mistreatment. ...
  2. Determine which court has jurisdiction over the case. ...
  3. File a consumer complaint with the court. ...
  4. Serve the airline with the complaint. ...
  5. Try to settle with the airline. ...
  6. Prove your case at trial. ...
  7. Obtain a judgment from the court. ...
  8. Collect on the judgment.
Jun 5, 2022

What is going on with Avianca airlines? ›

Avianca completed its financial restructuring on 1 December 2021 with $1.7 billion in fresh capital and a reorganisation plan approved by the US bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York.

What are 4 items you Cannot bring on an airplane? ›

Restricted Items NOT Allowed on a Plane in Your Carry-On
  • Sharp objects. ...
  • Sporting goods and athletic equipment. ...
  • Self defense items. ...
  • Gel-type candles. ...
  • Large quantities of alcohol (more than 3.4 ounces) ...
  • Guns and ammunition.
Dec 17, 2022

Do you get food on Avianca flights? ›

During the flight we offer a food service that includes: a hot entrée on a tray with dessert, accompanied by water. If you require a special diet for vegetarians, children or infants, see our menu options and how to request them.

What Cannot you not bring on a plane? ›

Chlorine, bleach, fertilizers, spray paint cannot be transported. Fireworks, Christmas crackers and flares are not permitted. Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof, such as grain alcohol, are not allowed on board or in the cargo hold.

Does Avianca participate in TSA PreCheck? ›

Complete the online form and schedule an appointment at one of the 380 registration centers. your prints will be registered. Enjoy the TSA PreCheck Add the Known Traveler Number to your boarding pass and enjoy the benefits during your trips.

How can I avoid paying for checked baggage? ›

The easiest way to avoid paying for a checked bag is, well, to not check a bag. If you can travel lightly, pack all of your things in a carry-on bag and a travel backpack and take it with you on the plane, which will also save time at the end of your journey.

Is it cheaper to buy luggage before check-in? ›

Luggage fees

The sure-fire way to avoid this fee is to travel with a carry-on bag only. However, if you simply cannot do without your checked luggage, try to pay for the bag online, as it is typically much cheaper to purchase your bag on the airline's website rather than pay up front at the check-in counter.

What is the least trusted airline? ›

According to the study, the least reliable airline in the United States is Frontier Airlines, a Denver-based airline with the slogan “Low fares done right.” About 1.80 percent of Frontier Airlines' flights are canceled, and 30.61 percent are delayed.

What airlines are not good? ›

Department of Transportation (DOT) complaint data backs up this list of the least favorite carriers. In the first half of 2022, American Airlines had the most complaints (3,186), followed by United Airlines (2,391), Spirit Airlines (1,909) and Frontier Airlines (1,750).

What is the not Safest airline? ›

While does not officially release rankings for the least-safe airlines, the following carriers featured at the bottom of the list with one-star rankings: Nepal Airlines (Nepal), Airblue (Pakistan), Sriwijaya Air (Indonesia), Blue Wing (Suriname), Pakistan International Airlines and Air Algerie ( ...

What is a 5 star airline? ›

A five-star airline is one that delivers the highest level of service and the best in-flight experience. One of the companies that rates airlines is the UK-based research company, Skytrax, which has been awarding individual airlines with between one and five stars.

Which airline is No 1 in world? ›

1 airline of 2022: Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways ranked at the top of Skytrax's list.

What major airline has never had an accident? ›

Running since 1929, Hawaiian is among the oldest airlines in the world but, remarkably, it has never suffered a single fatal crash or hull loss.

Who bombed Avianca? ›

Drug king Pablo Escobar, of the Medellín drug cartel, planned the bombing in the lead-up to the 1990 elections, hoping the bomb plot would kill presidential candidate César Gaviria Trujillo. One account states that two unidentified men dressed in suits who worked for Escobar carried the bomb on board.

What airline has had the most accidents? ›

American Airlines is at the top of the list, with 11 accidents, which caused 858 fatalities. Two of these accidents came directly from the 9/11 attacks in September 2001. Because of the 11 accidents, this makes them joint top with Air France for the airline with the most crashes in the world with 11 accidents apiece.

How much money is Wi-Fi on a plane? ›

United Airlines
Pre-purchased 1-hour pass$7
Pre-purchased 24-hour pass$19
North America monthly pass$49 per month
Global monthly pass$69 per month
4 more rows
Oct 22, 2022

How do I watch movies on Avianca? ›

How can I access Avianca On Air?
  1. Activate airplane mode on your device.
  2. Activate the Wi-Fi* and connect to the AVIANCA network.
  3. Open your browser and type in
  4. Access the platform and complete registration.

Who owns Avianca? ›


Can I pack clothes in my personal bag? ›

Yes, you can pack clothes in your personal item. We recommend packing most of your clothes in your carry on and reserving the space in your personal item for an extra layer to stay warm.

Do airlines wash and reuse blankets? ›

According to active flight attendant and HuffPost blogger Sara Keagle, this dirty little secret is indeed true, at least partially. As she revealed to HuffPost, freshly washed blankets are only supplied to the first flights of the day. On subsequent flights, the blankets are re-folded and re-used.

Can I bring a water bottle on a plane? ›

In short, you are allowed to bring a reusable water bottle through the TSA checkpoint of an airplane, no matter the material, as long as it is empty. Once your empty bottle has gone through security, you can fill it up at a refilling station and bring your full water bottle onto the plane.

Should you shower after flying? ›

But as the flights get longer, the microbes on your skin can grow and that can get a bit smelly," says Tetro. "If you do happen to pick up bacteria or fungi that's not your own, this may lead to itchiness and bumps on the skin and scalp. Showering after flights is probably a good thing—regardless of the length!

Where are the safest seats on a plane? ›

In the middle, at the back

Nonetheless, a TIME investigation that looked at 35 years of aircraft accident data found the middle rear seats of an aircraft had the lowest fatality rate: 28%, compared with 44% for the middle aisle seats. This logically makes sense too.

Can you bring a pillow on a plane for free? ›

According to their website, they don't have any problems with pillows. Pillows aren't seen as a security risk. So you can bring your pillow on the plane, pack it in your checked luggage, or pack it in your carry-on bag - according to the TSA.

How hard is it to sue an airline? ›

The process is quick and affordable. You may file a lawsuit against an airline in small claims court as long as the amount you intend to sue for is within the small claims court limit (on average $10,000 or less).

What qualifies as emotional distress? ›

Anguish and mental suffering. Intense fright, horror, shock, or grief. Persistent anxiety, worry, or nervousness. Emotional trauma or post-traumatic stress.

How can you prove emotional distress? ›

To prove a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress in California, you must prove that:
  1. The defendant's conduct was outrageous,
  2. The conduct was either reckless or intended to cause emotional distress; and.
  3. As a result of the defendant's conduct you suffered severe emotional distress.

How much can an airline pay to bump you? ›

Airlines can decide to cap the amount at $775. Those delayed by two hours or more are entitled to 400% of their one-way fare, capped at $1,550. For international flights, passengers delayed by 1-4 hours are entitled to 200% of their one-way fare, also capped at $775.

How much do airlines pay for compensation? ›

There are no federal laws requiring airlines to provide passengers with money or other compensation when their flights are delayed. Each airline has its own policies about what it will do for delayed passengers. If your flight is experiencing a long delay, ask airline staff if they will pay for meals or a hotel room.

What happens if an airline won't pay compensation? ›

In the event an airline refuses to acknowledge your claim, you need to seek legal advice or file a complaint with the airport's authority. However, you need to understand the reasons for the denial of the claim. Sometimes the extraordinary circumstances are legitimate.

Is Avianca owned by United? ›

Shareholding composition of Avianca Holding S.A. as of March 31, 2021: BRW Aviation LLC – 51.53 % Kingsland Holdings Limited – 14.46 % United Airlines – less than 1%

Why are so many flights being Cancelled recently? ›

Contributing factors include: Airline issues, like not having enough staff. Mechanical issues and delays may be compounded by staffing shortages. The Federal Aviation Administration is also experiencing staffing issues.

Why is air travel so messed up right now? ›

Everyone knows air travel is a mess right now. Mostly, that's because the industry is dealing with the same problem that the rest of the economy is facing: a staffing shortage prompted by a tight labor market and a quick rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic. But there's more to the story.

How strict are carry-on weight limits? ›

Carry-on bags shouldn't be larger than 22 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9 inches high including handles and wheels. Dimensions of personal items should not exceed 18 inches long, 14 inches wide and 8 inches high. There are no weight restrictions for carry-on luggage.

Do airlines check hand carry weight? ›

Do airlines check hand luggage weight? Well it does happen, and some airlines are strict, but the vast majority of them only weigh checked luggage at the desk. That's the luggage you've either paid for or have included depending on your ticket.

Can I take a weight scale in my carry-on? ›

Keep the weighing scale in between some clothes so that it doesn't get damaged when the bag is handled by airport security. We also recommend weighing your luggage beforehand, so you know what to pack and how much to carry. You can also carry a handheld weighing scale for ease.

Is there a weight limit for carry-on international flight? ›

A common sized bag for carry-on luggage is 22"x 14"x 9". Most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of 40 pounds. International airlines may have different restrictions for carry-on luggage. Again, it is always best to check with your airline first to get their exact requirements.

Do I need to print my boarding pass before I go to the airport? ›

Depending on the requirements of airport authorities, you will need to present a mobile boarding pass, a paper boarding pass printed out by you or a paper boarding pass picked up from the check-in desk.

Do backpacks count as a personal item? ›

The short answer: Yes, a backpack is generally considered a personal item if it fits under the seat in front of you. Most airlines offer a few examples of things that fit into the “personal item” category, such as a purse, laptop bag, or a briefcase, but they don't usually include “backpack” on those lists.

What if my carry-on is slightly too big? ›

If your carry-on is too big, you will either have to pay penalty fees or check your luggage. Checking your luggage means that your carry-on won't be traveling with you but will instead be sent to the airplane cargo, and you will be able to claim it once the plane lands.

Should you lock your suitcase when flying? ›

To prevent your belongings from being stolen or misplaced, we suggest for you to lock your luggage. It's important to protect your bags when traveling and to always keep an eye on them, especially if there is no lock on your luggage.

What is not allowed in a carry-on bag? ›

Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible. TSA officers may instruct travelers to separate items from carry-on bags such as foods, powders, and any materials that can clutter bags and obstruct clear images on the X-ray machine.

Should you wrap your luggage? ›

There's a reason for plastic-wrapping your luggage, and it's extra protection. It's a great deterrent against baggage theft, especially when you realize that bag thieves don't steal bags as much as they take individual items of value from bags. A fully-wrapped bag is often too much trouble for them.

Can I bring food through TSA? ›

Yes, you may pack food in your carry-on or checked bag, but remember all food must undergo x-ray screening. Foods that are liquids, gels, or aerosols must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule. TSA officers make the final decision on whether certain items are permitted into the secured areas of the airport.

Can I bring tweezers on a plane? ›

Yes, tweezers and razors are allowed on planes, in your cabin bag. So are scissors, as long as the edges are less than 4 inches long (10 cm). Straight razor blades, however, are not allowed in the carry-on. They must be packed in your checked bag instead, or left at home.

Can I bring food on a plane? ›

Solid food items (not liquids or gels) can be transported in either your carry-on or checked bags. Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible.


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