Which Device is Best to Purchase for Reading Kindle or iPad? (2024)

Are you confused whether to purchase a Kindle or an iPad for reading purposes? You are literally stuck between an amazing e-reader and a legitimate tablet. Instead of being whimsical and tossing a coin to make a decision, you should apply logic to decide which one is best for you.

That is why we will make a thorough comparison between Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. We will state their benefits and disadvantages from an e-reading perspective. Thereafter, we will differentiate them on important parameters for an informed and better purchasing decision.


Amazon Kindle

Amazon has introduced Kindle in the market for digital reading purposes only. Amazon has released a Kindle app through which users can read from the huge collection of ebooks. Users can even listen to audiobooks which are becoming quite popular now. Here are the pros and cons of Kindle that you should be aware of.


  • Specific Application:Kindle is specifically for e-reading and e-listening. There is a built-in Oxford English Dictionary to show the meaning of any word instantly.
  • Budget Friendly:Kindle is inexpensive in comparison to iPad.
  • Long Battery Life: Kindle can run for weeks once fully charged.
  • Eye Protection:Kindle does not emit light from its screen as it is based on e-ink technology. Hence, your eyes won’t strain even when you read ebooks for hours.


  • Restricted Usage:You cannot use Kindle as a regular tablet. This means you cannot install external apps such as game apps, social media apps, and likewise.
  • Unappealing:Kindle screen appears to be black and white, and not many users can get along quickly. You cannot enjoy the graphics in the e-books to the full extent.
  • Ads:Kindle displays irritating advertisem*nts even when your screen is locked.

Who Should Buy a Kindle?

Only those who want a dedicated device with an affordable price tag for reading e-books and listening to audiobooks should buy Kindle. This means only avid e-book readers should buy Kindle because only they can appreciate the value that Kindle can add to their excessive reading habits. You can replace a physical book with Kindle when you are traveling or spending your leisure time reading.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad is a full-fledged tablet that comes with multiple variants. You can install the Kindle app as well as any other e-book app and read ebooks endlessly. You can listen to audiobooks and watch enactments of novels in video form. Besides, you get all the features and functions of an iPhone except that you get to do everything on a larger screen. Here are the pros and cons of iPad.


  • More Than E-Reader:iPad is not restricted to reading e-books only. It is a fully functional tablet. Besides, it is not restricted to Kindle apps only. You can install any e-book app that you find useful and convenient.
  • Colorful:The screen of iPad is colourful, and hence, you can read graphic novels and illustrations on e-books more conveniently.
  • Magnification:On Kindle, you need to change the font size for zooming in and out. Besides, there is a noticeable delay for your action on the Kindle screen of Kindle. But on iPad, you can zoom in and out by gestures on the screen. The magnification will be customized as per your requirements.
  • Large Screen:In comparison to Kindle, iPad has a larger screen size. Hence, there are many who find iPad more comfortable to read e-books on such a large screen.


  • Eye Strain: The colourful screen of iPad can cause eye-strain when you read e-books for long.
  • Distraction:Since it is a full-fledged tablet, there could be notifications and the temptation to check social media apps. Hence, the mind can get affected easily for an avid reader.
  • Expensive:iPad is extremely expensive in comparison to Kindle. If your primary objective is reading only, it is not suitable for you from the price perspective.
  • Bulky:In comparison to Kindle, iPad is larger and heavier. Naturally, it may not be suitable for reading e-books for long when you are in a sleeping posture.

Who Should Buy iPad?

If you are an occasional reader and you want your handheld device to be more than an e-reader, you should go for iPad. If you want to perform all the activities of an iPhone, but you want a larger screen, iPad is for you. It is especially useful for kids who perfect illustrative graphics in their digital textbooks.

Differences Between Kindle And iPad

We will compare Kindle and iPad directly on different parameters so that you can understand their differences. Thereafter, you can easily reach the intended decision on which to buy.

1. Budget

If budget is a big factor for you, you will find Kindle more affordable. Kindle costs less than $100 while iPad costs above $300. The reason for iPad is so costly is that it is not just an e-reader like Kindle. It is a fully functional tablet, and the quality is absolutely top-notch. Both devices justify their price tags, and you have to make decision based on your budget.

Apart from the device’s cost, you have to consider the cost of the subscription to the e-reader apps. Kindle costs around $10 while iPad’s iBooks costs around $15. Here again, iPad is more expensive than Kindle in the long run as well. However, you can use Kindle app on iPad as well. If you wait for Amazon Black Friday sale or Prime day sale, you will get Kindle at a hefty discount.

Winner – Kindle as an e-reader

2. Portability

Kindle is both smaller and lighter than iPad. Naturally, it is more portable than iPad. Kindle has around 7 oz weight while iPad has around 14 oz weight. Therefore, Kindle weighs nearly half the weight of iPad. Coming to size, Kindle is general 6.7 inches while iPad is nearly 9.4 inches. For the portability factor, a smaller and lighter device is always better. You can fit Kindle in a small bag that you could be carrying as a shoulder bag or backpack.

Winner – Kindle

3. Storage

iPad has more storage than Kindle. For reading e-books, storage is not a major factor. This is because e-books do not occupy much space. Kindle has 8GB space for the basic model while iPad has 32GB space. With 8GB space, you can store over 5000 e-books comfortably, and it is more than enough.

Winner – iPad

4. Screen Readability

Screen readability is better on iPad than Kindle. iPad has LED-backlit IPS display. Naturally, the screen is sharper, brighter, and colourful. If you are going to read magazines and comics, iPad will definitely offer the best screen readability. However, when you read on iPad for long, eye strain is quite common.

On the contrary, screen readability is not as great as iPad. But it is most suitable for reading purpose. Kindle has a matte display with e-ink technology. It is very much like reading a physical book. It has an anti-glare display, and hence, it does not affect the eyes. The screen is black and white, and it is soothing for the eyes and does not cause strain.

Winner – Kindle as e-reader

5. Battery Life

Kindle has far longer battery life than iPad. Under normal circ*mstances, iPad lasts around 15 hours on a full charge. On the contrary, Kindle lasts for 2 weeks on a full charge. For a reader, Kindle is far more reliable, especially because you do not have to charge it every day. Besides, when you go on a vacation, you do not have to carry a charge, and there is no need to look for a charging point.

Winner – Kindle

6. Performance

There is no doubt that iPad outweighs Kindle in terms of performance. iPad features A4 chip which is superfast in performance. The response time of iPad to your action is far better than Kindle. You can turn pages, tap on options, and zoom in and out seamlessly.

On the contrary, Kindle is rather slow in comparison to iPad. The response time is higher, and turning pages and zooming in and out takes a few more fractions of a second. But under normal circ*mstances, performance is not that slow, and hence, it won’t matter as much.

Winner – iPad

7. Content Options

iPad’s iBooks has more than 15 thousand e-books. Kindle has nearly one million e-books. Therefore, in terms of content, Kindle is the big daddy of iBooks. However, you can install Kindle app on iPad as well. On the contrary, iPad supports ePub files but Kindle does not. In terms of variety, iPad offers better content options as you can install different e-book apps.

Winner – iPad

Kindle vs iPad – Which Device To Purchase For Reading

If you want a device purely for reading e-books, you should purchase Kindle without a second thought. It is budget-friendly, eye-soothing, and it has long battery life. The e-book library is literally unlimited. Kindle is ideal for active readers. On the contrary, if you are a passive reader and you want a versatile e-reader, you can go for iPad.

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Which Device is Best to Purchase for Reading Kindle or iPad? (2024)
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