NCOER bullets for Character (2024)

125 Character bullets for Adherence to Army Values, Empathy, Warrior Ethos/Service Ethos, Discipline, SHARP, EO, EEO

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NCOER bullets for Character (1)

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Met Standard

dedicated to the Army's SHARP program

presented a can do attitude, regardless of the task

maintained high standards; focuses on proficiency and correctness

extremely devoted NCO who accomplished all tasks with superb results

maintained high moral and ethical standards on and off duty

set the example by taking initiative and accepting responsibility

established a workplace environment and overall command climate fostering dignity and respect for all team members; fully supports SHARP

fully supported the Army SHARP/EO programs fostering an environment free of harassment through dedicated training and by example

established and maintained the highest standard of excellence for himself and the unit; deeply respected by every Soldier, NCO, and officer in the company

selfless service beyond reproach; completely dedicated to the mission and Soldiers

exceptionally unselfish in commitment to subordinates, unit, and mission

demonstrated sincere caring for Soldiers by inspiring and developing performance through counseling and NCOPDs

committed to excellence by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers, while completing 100% of all tasks

uses the Army values as everyday teaching points to enhance Soldiers’ understanding and compliance

consistently demonstrated loyalty to the Army Values and the profession of arms regardless of the situation

uses the Warrior Ethos to teach unit actions to newly assigned personnel

displayed genuine care and concern for Soldiers and their Families; eager to support personal and professional growth of subordinates though challenging training and course work

demonstrated maturity and self-control when under pressure; displayed a high level of maturity and responsibility

demonstrated a love and passion for serving his Army; dedicated to the Army way of life and being a model of discipline and Army values

contributed his talents to the local senior citizens’ home by volunteering numerous hours of personal time teaching piano lessons

guided all decisions based on Army values and principles; a diligent NCO whose courage and resolve permeated the unit; embodied the spirit of the profession of arms

exhibited moral reasoning daily; increased center’s awareness to act ethically in all situations; displayed honest concern for the health and welfare of his/her Soldiers

section was the only one to maintain Unit Safety Streamer; xx months and running

exposed corruption in the supply chain; disclosed $xxK in contractor fraud

effectively met and enforced standards; succeeded by taking appropriate initiative in applying the leader competencies and attributes

established an EO and SHARP platoon culture that was quickly emulated across the battalion; incidents fell by xx%

enforced the SHARP program; managed a positive command climate; ensured unit was trained on the importance of reporting and vast ramifications of unfavorable action

fostered a climate of dignity and respect by adhering to SHARP program; ensured the fair and respectful treatment of assigned personnel

identified SHARP deficiencies in the company and took appropriate steps to ensure guilty Soldiers received punishment; increased unit esprit de corps

got at the root cause of Soldier’s personal challenges; seeked effective solutions to change destructive behaviors

consistently demonstrated loyalty to the Army and the profession of arms regardless of situation furthering the Army as a profession; always chose the harder right

displayed genuine care and concern for Soldiers and their Families; eager to support personal and professional growth of subordinates

displayed a high level of responsibility in keeping with the Warrior Ethos and the Army as a profession; demonstrates maturity and self-control under pressure

a fiercely loyal and honorable NCO whose impeccable moral and ethical values serve as the standard for others to emulate; personifies Be, Know, Do

demonstrated unquestionable loyalty and integrity as a valued advisor to the NCOA Commandant on all NCOES matters

embodied selfless service; ensured duty obligations were fulfilled before giving consideration to personal needs; enabled organization to build trust and credibility

promoted a climate in which people are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs; unparalleled integrity

exhibited unwavering loyalty to subordinates, superiors, the unit and the Army

encouraged and inspired pride and loyalty in his subordinates

provided quality and timely professional development, advice, and guidance

a trusted leader and problem-solver in crisis

always chose the hard right over the easy wrong

at his best under pressure

decisive in ethical dilemmas

absolutely honest and dependable

strong team player

personal lifestyle epitomizes the total NCO

displays the highest level of integrity, loyalty and selfless service

never hesitates to offer advice; loyal to final decisions

uses leadership skills to employ individual differences to strengthen the section

not afraid to voice his opinion and stand up for what is right

dynamic noncommissioned officer committed to mission accomplishment and the welfare of Soldiers

totally loyal to superiors and subordinates' could be counted on for word and deed

always placed mission first; totally dedicated to his duties and the Army

candid and forthright with valuable advice for the benefit of the unit

took pride in her personal abilities and accomplishments

highly motivated Soldier striving for excellence, always displayed a positive demeanor; team player

always professional and loyal to his subordinates, superiors, and the command

extremely disciplined and dedicated to mission accomplishment

exhibits the highest standards of loyalty and personal courage

creates opportunities for individuals to learn about each other

is empathetic when dealing with Soldiers

respected by all members of this command

always fair and honest

a true team player

his word is his bond

possessed the candor and courage to voice his opinion and stand up for what is right

hard worker, dependable, and totally dedicated to the mission and the Army

had the courage, conviction, and ability to overcome fear

successfully mentored previously uncooperative Soldiers to be respectful of others

approached all situations with an open mind

enforced strict adherence to Army Regulations

possessed the highest degree of integrity and moral conviction

a faithful and loyal leader who cares about the mission and his Soldiers

totally dedicated to the support of the academy's mission

does not tolerate abusive or demeaning behavior

displays the highest stands of loyalty and integrity

always honest and fair regardless of the situation

a no-nonsense leader; direct and to the point

honor is his watchword

dependable and committed to mission accomplishment

his Soldiers respected and appreciated his caring attitude; always treated them with dignity and respect

possessed the highest standards of integrity and moral conviction

possesses flawless integrity

respected as an honorable Soldier

can be trusted in both word and deed

did not hesitate to address unfair perceptions, statements, or actions

utilizes individual differences to strengthen the overall team

instills respect of other cultures, customs, and religions in his Soldiers

always exercises sound judgment; thrives under pressure

displays unwavering moral courage and conviction when confronted with ethical dilemmas

epitome of integrity and reliability

sets and maintains the highest standards of honor and trustworthiness

personal conduct is always beyond reproach

totally dedicated to the Army's mission

willing sacrifices personal interests to benefit the ideals of the nation and the Army

an honorable Soldier who instills the Army values in his subordinates

mentors Soldiers to develop honor, courage, and commitment

places dedication and commitment to the goals and mission of the Army and nation above personal welfare

maintains the highest standards of integrity and demands the same from others

Met Standard

Did Not Meet Standard

NCOER bullets for Character (2)
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Did Not Meet Standard

failed to enforce Army policies, unit morale declined; poor work environment/negative conduct resulted in a substantiated EO complaint

failed to fulfill his leadership’s intent for positive and appropriate EO practices and integrity; exhibits poor judgment without consideration of results

failed to support EO; encouraged a work environment of gender discrimination

exhibited poor leadership; retaliated against a Soldier making an EO complaint

was the subject of a substantiated EO complaint/retaliated against a Soldier making an EO complaint

failed to support SHARP initiatives; committed an act of sexual harassment/sexual assault; severely lacks moral judgment

failed to enforce Army policies creating a poor work environment resulting in a substantiated EO complaint/SHARP violation

failed to maintain accountability of Soldiers under his supervision; fabricated status reports

falsified the duty log skipping required checks to play video games

frequent unwillingness to cooperate in working toward unit goals affected readiness

demonstrated poor judgment on duty; reported to staff duty intoxicated

incapable of deciding the right actions to take, both morally and ethically

consistently failed to adhere to rules, regulations, or SOPs which led to conflicts with the Army Values and adversely affected the organization

failed to display integrity in his actions; multiple infractions of Army regulations and policies resulted in removal from leadership position

repeatedly unwilling to assist Soldiers with resolving problems or personal issues

possessed the highest rate of unresolved or poorly resolved Soldier issues and concerns among his peers due to a direct lack of effort

fails to address subordinates’ requests for help with personal issues

immaturity contributed to a perceived of a lack of empathy; viewed as unapproachable by Soldiers within the squad/crew/platoon/company/troop

did not serve as a steward of the profession of arms; lacked empathy and support for Soldiers in his charge and their Families

rated NCO fails to meet or maintain the required Army standards and organizational goals

actions frequently had a negative effect on the mission, their Soldiers, the unit, and the Army

Met Standard

Did Not Meet Standard

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NCOER bullets for Character (2024)


What goes in the character section of Ncoer? ›

After you've brainstormed and came up with a list of accomplishments, sort them into the categories required by the NCOER form: Character (Army values, Empathy, Discipline, SHARP, EO, and EEO) Presence (Military Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience) Intellect (Mental Ability, Judgement, Innovation, Tact, Expertise)

How do you write good Ncoer bullets? ›

The best NCOER bullet comments are the Achievement type. If possible, the NCOER should be packed with this type of bullet. The more specific, the better. Recognition-type bullet comments don't normally list an impact as the recognition itself is considered to be the impact or result.

What should Ncoer bullet comments start with? ›

Each bullet comment must start with a small letter unless it's a proper noun (name) that is usually capitalized. (5) Support the box checks by rating officials. (6) A specific example can be used only once; therefore, the rater must decide under which responsibility the bullet fits best (or is most applicable).

What is character references in military? ›

Because he or she is being judged by strangers who don't know him, character statements will be required for his defense. A character statement helps judges, Commanders, First Sergeants, and other strangers make fair decisions by providing a factual description of a person's character.

What are the 7 types of NCOERs? ›

There are 7:
  • Annual.
  • Change of Rater.
  • Relief for Cause.
  • Complete the Record.
  • 60 Day Rater Option.
  • 60 Day Senior Rater Option.
  • Temporary Duty, Special Duty or Compassionate Reassignment.

What are observation bullets? ›

Observation rounds were intended for use in training Vickers gunners in long range fire where the fall of normal ball rounds could not easily be seen. The Observation rounds were intended to give a good puff of smoke when striking that could be easily seen by the gunner and instructor.

Can you use pronouns on an Ncoer? ›

2. Start with action words (verbs) or possessive pronouns (his or her); personal pronouns (he or she) may be used; use past tense when addressing how the NCO performed and his or her contributions made during the rating period.

Can you put Acft on Ncoer? ›

For Regular Army and Active Guard Reserve, evaluations will indicate ACFT status on officer evaluations reports (OERs) and noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOERs) ending with thru dates of Oct. 1, 2022 or later.

Are bullet points unprofessional? ›

Bullet points should absolutely be used on your resume, and will not make you look lazy. Instead, they will help draw recruiters or hiring managers' attention to important points while allowing them to read through your resume faster.

What does Mel mean on Ncoer? ›

In addition, the rated NCO's current Military Education Level (MEL) and Structured Self Development (SSD) codes will be included on the form. This will enable the rating officials to mentor and counsel the rated NCO and track his/her progress in attaining promotion eligibility for the next grade.

Can a report be in bullet points? ›

Drafting the report in outline view makes the formatting process very easy! Bullet points are an excellent tool several sub-subpoints or details, which are easier to read as a list than in a paragraph.

What is a bullet comment? ›

Time-anchored on-screen comments, as known as bullet comments, are a popular feature for online video streaming. Bullet comments reflect audiences' feelings and opinions at specific video timings, which have been shown to be beneficial to video content understanding and social connection level.

What does most qualified mean on an Ncoer? ›

An entry of “MOST QUALIFIED” will only be accepted if the mathematical result of the entry is no more than 24% of the total number of reports rendered in that grade. ▪ Rule #3: “MISFIRE” – If the senior rater completes a pdf-fillable NCOER and checks.

What should I put in character references? ›

How to Write a Character Reference for a Friend
  1. The relationship of the reference to the candidate.
  2. How long the reference has known the candidate.
  3. Positive personal qualities, including specific examples.
  4. A statement of recommendation.
  5. The reference's contact information.

What are the examples of character reference? ›

How many years have you known this person? For example, “I have known Roberto for more than six years, including two years together in business school,” or “Julia and I have worked together for four years.”

What is a good character reference? ›

Generally, a good character reference should include the following five pieces of information:
  • Start off by discussing your relationship with the applicant. ...
  • Establish how long you have known the applicant. ...
  • Talk about their positive qualities and give examples. ...
  • Finish with a recommendation for the position.
25 Jun 2021

Can a 1SG be a rater? ›

If the 1SG is the individual who is directly responsible for supervising the daily activities of the supply sergeant, it would be appropriate for him to be the rater.

Can a wo1 be a senior rater? ›

Will WO's rate and senior rate WO's -- believe today they cannot senior rate? Correct, Warrant Officers are not authorized to senior rate. There is no change to current policy on who can rate/senior rate Warrant Officers. Table 2-1 in AR 623-3 designates minimum Senior Rater requirements for Officers.

Can a senior rater be an NCO? ›

(Note: National Guard does not the “P” designator.) The senior rating official will be an officer or NCO of the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, or a Department of Defense civilian. Again, members of allied armed forces are not authorized to be senior raters.

What are the 3 main types of bullets? ›

Ammunition: One or more loaded cartridges consisting of a primed case, propellant, and projectile(s). Three main types are rimfire, centerfire, and shotshell.

What are 5 examples of an observation? ›

Social Observation Examples
  • A parent watching her children interact with other children on the playground.
  • A child watching a fish in a tank.
  • A little league coach watching children play to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • An audience member watching a movie unfold on the big screen.

What are the 5 types of observation? ›

There are several different approaches to observational research including naturalistic observation, participant observation, structured observation, case studies, and archival research.

Can an NCO date a lower enlisted? ›

NYNG Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) and Junior Enlisted members (E4 and below) may not engage in: a. Personal Relationships. Dating, shared living accommodations, and intimate or sexual relationships.

Can an airman date an NCO? ›

Dating, close friendships, and sexual relationships between cadets and officers or between cadets and enlisted personnel are prohibited.

Can I refuse to use someone's pronouns? ›

Intentional refusal to use someone's correct pronouns is equivalent to harassment and a violation of one's civil rights. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 expressly prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.

Can I get flagged for failing ACFT? ›

Active-duty soldiers who fail a record ACFT after October 1 will get flagged. Those who fail the test have to wait 120 days to retake it again. After April 1, 2023, active-duty soldiers who have two consecutive fails will face consequences at the discretion of their commanders.

What happens if you fail ACFT 2022? ›

Per Army Directive 2022-05, "Soldiers who fail a record ACFT will retest no less than 120 days and no more than 180 days from the test failure. If the commander and Soldier agree that sufficient reconditioning has occurred, the Soldier may retest in less than the prescribed time".

Can you PCS if you are flagged for height and weight? ›

Can I PCS if I am Flagged? Flags may prevent Soldiers from PCSing to his or her next duty station if it is in the best interests of the Army for the Soldier to remain in his or her current unit until cleared of ongoing actions.

When should you not use bullet points? ›

One way that using bullets can badly misfire is when the author uses them to present an argument.
  1. A bullet list does not an argument make. The theory: When you have a complex argument or analysis to explain, bullet points are a great idea. ...
  2. Disconnected points. ...
  3. Assemble the pieces.

Should skills be listed as bullet points? ›

Use an easy-to-read format and structure that highlights your relevant education and experience. Develop bullet points or statements to show relevant skills and qualities. Be specific about what you did and how you did it.

Is 5 bullet points on resume too much? ›

Final Takeaway- How many Bullet Points per Job on Resume

Most recruiters and hiring managers suggest adding 5-6 bullet points to the resume to make it more effective. You can list your crucial information and achievements in bullet points on your resume to make it easy to read and attractive.

What is the character code for a bullet point? ›

The Unicode character for showing the dot symbol or bullet point is U+2022 .

What are the five bullet points? ›

Make Your Content Pop with These 5 Bullet Point Basics
  • Treat them like mini-headlines. Bulleted content should be introduced with short, catchy phrasing that draws the eye of the reader quickly. ...
  • Use symmetry. Be consistent. ...
  • Avoid a barrage of bullets. ...
  • Keep the flow. ...
  • Slip in keywords.
7 May 2012

How many characters is a bullet point? ›

A key rule to keep in mind is the character limit. Your entire bullet points section should not exceed 1,000 characters (including spaces). This will help your bullet points get indexed in the Amazon search results for a higher chance to be discovered by potential buyers and improve product ranking.

What is a 5 digit MOS? ›

A fifth code digit was for the soldier's special qualification identifier (SQI) digit, which indicated what specialized training the soldier had. If the soldier did not have an SQI, the digit was listed as "0" or was omitted.

What is Mel 4 in Army? ›

The primary means for Regular Army officers to achieve MEL 4 (Military Education Level 4) certification and credit for Phase I of Joint Professional Military Education are: The 10-month resident Command and General Staff Course at Fort Leavenworth.

What happens when an Ncoer is late? ›

The late submission and any procedural violation allows you to appeal the NCOER siting specific issues. If it has been 14 months and there is no documentation to support their comments you could argue they could not reasonably rate your performance during this time-frame as too much time has passed.

Do bullet points count as paragraphs? ›

The items in a bullet list are usually separate paragraphs. That is, each item is ended by a paragraph mark, so it is a paragraph. Similarly, a heading is usually ended by a paragraph mark, so it is a paragraph.

How do you type a bullet type? ›

Insert a bulleted or numbered list
  1. On the View tab, click Normal.
  2. Click in the text box or placeholder where you want to add bulleted or numbered text.
  3. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Bullets or Numbering. , and begin typing your list. Press Return to create a new list item.

How do you type bullet points? ›

Select and hold the Alt key on the numeric keypad. Type the bullet alt code (0149) in sequence using the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key after typing the numeric code to insert the first bullet point in the document. Repeat for the second bullet point and so on.

Is highly qualified good on Ncoer? ›

"MOST QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs with strong potential for promotion in the secondary zone; ahead of peers. "HIGHLY QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs with strong potential for promotion with peers. "QUALIFIED" – identifies NCOs who demonstrate potential to be successful at the next level; promote if able.

Does an Ncoer need 3 bullets? ›

DA Pamphlet 623-3 Format Requirements

Bullets will not be longer than two lines, preferably one; and no more than one bullet to a line.

How many most qualified can you give? ›

The "MOST QUALIFIED" box check is limited to 24%.

What should I put for areas of special emphasis? ›

In the Areas of Special Emphasis block, enter additional duties associated with your job or MOS (if you have any -not everyone does). For example, in a maintenance shop, a person's additional duty, might be Tool Room Monitor, Training NCO or TMDE Monitor.

Can you mention Acft in Ncoer? ›

Evaluations will indicate ACFT status on OERs and NCOERs ending with thru dates of 1 April 2023 or later. (3) All components. Academic evaluation reports (AERs) or military training courses beginning 1 October 2022 or later will indicate ACFT status as required.

Who signs last on Ncoer? ›

(2) The rated Soldier will always be the last individual to sign the evaluation report.

What should I put for improvement area? ›

Areas of improvement for employees
  1. Time management. The better people can multitask, meet deadlines and manage their time, the more productive they will be at work. ...
  2. Customer service. ...
  3. Teamwork. ...
  4. Interpersonal skills. ...
  5. Communication. ...
  6. Writing. ...
  7. Organization. ...
  8. Flexibility.

What is principal duty title? ›

Last updated: August 22, 2022. A Principal, or Public School Principal, oversees the daily activities and operations within a school. Their main duties include disciplining or advising students, approving Teachers' curriculums and ensuring the school environment is safe for all students and staff members.

What is a duty position for Army? ›

In the United States armed forces, the duty officer is generally in charge of a unit headquarters in the absence of the commander.

What ar covers disrespect to a NCO? ›

The purpose of Article 91 is to protect warrant, noncommissioned, or petty officers from disrespect and violence as well as ensuring obedience to their lawful orders.

Can you use she in a report? ›

she/her/hers, they/them/their

In academic or college writing, most formal essays and research reports use third person pronouns and do not use “I” or “you.”

What side of an NCO Do you walk on? ›

Walk on the left of an officer or NCO of superior rank. When entering or exiting a vehicle, the junior ranking Soldier is the first to enter, and the senior in rank is the first to exit. When outdoors and approached by an NCO, you greet the NCO by saying, “Good morning, Sergeant,” for example.

Do you salute an NCO when reporting? ›

Soldiers participating in games and members of work details do not salute. Soldiers reporting to an NCO do not salute.

Does a DUI go on an Ncoer? ›

If an individual receives a DUI, it should be mentioned specifically on his or her NCOER. You may not mention disciplinary action such as an Article 15 or a Letter of Reprimand; you should, however, mention the offense that led to the disciplinary action.

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