Security Forces EPR Bullets (2023)

See also: Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler

See also: Security Forces Awards & Decorations

Job Description

- Leads 150-pers SF Ops section providing planning/organizing security f/USSTRATCOM msn & deployment rqmts

- Compiles detailed after-action reports improving future deployment strategies throughout the entire USAF

- Coordinates with over 40 host and tenant units base wide on plans, training and operations; ensured joint effort

- Dispatches & directs security forces to security incidents, threats to resources/prsnl and coords w/other emer services

- Monitors & performs function tests on intrusion detection & communication systems; accounts for classified material

- Maintains all squadron weapons, ensuring proficiency and currency to support combat operations

- Provides support to all training iterations pertaining to weapons, ensuring operators are fully trained and ready

- Prepares & submits police blotters, reports, and related documents; implements Security Reporting/Alerting Systems

- Reviews/authorizes SF personnel generated paperwork; managed time/attendance for personnel appointments

- Safeguards 31K personnel/30K acres of property, including protection level (PL) 2/3/4 resources, valued at $6.5B

- Serves as liaison to the Command Post, Maint Ops Center, AF OSI, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies

- Provides armed response for security of DoD and AF Protection Level 2, 3, 4 assets & 59 KC-135s valued at $3.1B+
- Enforces Higher Headquarters & Wing standards/regulations for over 15,000 military, civilian employees and retirees
- Conducts witness and victim interviews; collects evidence, apprehends/detains offenders and completes reports/forms
- Safeguards 364 housing units, 1.3K buildings, and the base populace covering 3.6K acres; enforces traffic laws/codes

- Executes SF command and control f/entire 90MW 32-acre Protection Level 1 (PL-1) nuclear Weapons Storage Area
- Provides immediate visual assessment of all alarms within Weapon Storage Area (WSA) perimeter and structures
- Supervises/directs thorough searches of all transient vehicles for prohibited contraband and unauthorized personnel
- Ensures safety and security of conventional resources and personnel located within installation's 32-acre WSA limits

Performance in Primary Duties

- Excelled as MFRT/TSE RTO; upheld DD CADRE directives f/UXO/medvac 9 line--aced eval/flawless rating earned

- Handled 13 msn crit Harris radios; configur d, supported & maintained vital equip--competent w/$195,000 AF assets

- Educated masses on setup/teardown of radio equip, mx/safe-keeping of $19k equip--ensured secure C2 comm f/ FTX

- Coord'd training f/TSE deployers; authored 160 hr readiness plan--enhanced tm readiness f/ Op Freedom's Sentinel

- Authored 48hr PT plan; spearheaded 24 evals--set standard w/100% pass rate & over 90% average amongst 4 Airmen

- Modified vehicle barrier operating instructions; presented to all shifts--improved readiness & system operation

- 149th Squadron vehicle monitor; checked/preped/cleaned & assigned standby vehicles --ensured msn readiness
- 152nd SFS Airman of the Year; 152nd AW/Nevada 2010 Airman of the Quarter and Year -- Top 10% nationals

- Accomplished PME; completed 2 bullet writing classes & finished 3 JPME--cultivated NCO leadership expertise
- Account'd daily f/ 150 M4 rifles/189 M9 pistols--$5.5K in assets; enabl'd SF msn--secur'd 9K+ base populace
- Accounted for $550K+ in SF eqpmt/munitions daily; zero losses--enhanced AW's readiness for war on terror
- Acted as alarm monitor securing $1B+ in gov't assets; dispatched patrols--10+ alarms observed/zero gov't loss

- Active participant in local outreach programs; dedicated over 20 hrs towards 4 CDC improvement initiatives
- Active participant in Police Week activities; honored fallen heroes--promoted community relations and healing
- Active participant in Wing/unit activities; SF Turkey Bowl/basketball--promoted teamwork and healthy living
- Active w/Top 3; mentored First Four/organized Family Feud--enjoyed by 40+ members/boosted KAF's programs

- Adv'd COIN ops; guided 10 Guardian Angels/Grd Mvt SOPs f/2 AORs--derailed 85 attacks/21 Taliban seiz'd/5 killed
- Aided response to aircraft fire emergency; provided 51 FW/CC critical information--saved $11.7M resources
- Aided w/two unsecured buildings; secure/safeguarded $50k+ of mission essential assets--prohibited gov theft
- Alerted to seven 113 Wg klaxon alrms; secured alert fighter aircraft--guaranteed airtight defense of PL-2 asset

- Appointed Honor Guard led; performed 5 details/certified ceremonial guardsmen--time-honored traditions preserved
- Apprehended, processed four DUI violators, responded to eight domestic battery and five felony assault cases
- Assessd 400 TASS intrusion sensors alarms; dispatched patrols; prevented theft of $1.5M DoD fighting assests
- Assigned flt PTL/trainer; improved work performance f/45 psnl/energized flt--increased DPE/PFT passing rate by 5%

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- Assisted S2/AT; collaborated S2/OSI/AT/FP/IN data -- evaluated enemy Tools Tatics and Proceedures/ threats
- Assisted U.S. Marshals with seven transfers of 50 DoJ high-risk prisoners; secured transports/aircrafts-- 0 incidents
- Assisted w/Ali Al Salem AB clean up; collected 30 bags of trash--improved living conditions for 2K+ airmen
- Assisted w/DUI apprehension; ensured flawless processing of evidence--enforced AF "zero-tolerance" policy

- Assisted w/POW of WII at wreath laying ceremony; escorted personnel to seats--paid homage to all POW vets
- Assisted with runaway case; vigilance and intel gathering proved effective--efforts resulted in apprehension
- Assumed C2 during 10 unannounced alarm activations; swift actions/text book response led to safe resolutions
- Attended 32 hr Defensive Driving crse; improved pursuit/emerg response/skid control skills--ready for war-time msn

- Attended five days/40 hrs of training; graduated Master Rappel crs 1 of 10 on base certified--trained 75 defenders
- Attention to detail! Spotted unauthorized firearm during veh search--maintained secure posture for Andrews
- Attentive patrolman; apprehended individual for shoplifting at BX--recovered gov't property and cited offender
- Attentively patrolled '10 PACAF airshow; safeguarded $2B in assets--55K attendees protected w/out incident

- Augmented Flight; conducted entry point ID checks--safegarded 43K personnel & $4B in msn critical resources
- Authenticated 175 EALs/25 PALs; verified eligibility f/3K prsnl/100 CAs/9 RAs--100% on-time flts/unimpeded ops
- Authored Security Force manuals;TASS QRC/QRB/PB/JKH--streamlined response time f/10+ TASS operators
- Avid SF supporter; mbr of unit intramural football team--vital to championship victory/lifted esprit de corps

- BDOC Controller; dispatches/directs SF personnel, monitors intrusion/detection comm sys--stellar command/control
- Briefed 2ID/CC f/disapline trends; Drove peninsula wide curfew policy f/10K USA/8 locations--team coined f/merit

- C2'd forces f/ 14 alarm activations; searched & cleared bldgs--sec'd vital $2.3B in PL 1 & 2 warfighting assets
- C3 during 2 munitions ground emergencies; cordon/ECP established; coord'd with fire & EOD--zero incidents
- C3 during catastrophic power/alarm failure; monitored 1K OCNs--$1.3M US/KSA contracts awarded & completed
- Calm under pressure; responded to a volatile domestic dispute--quickly diffused situation and restored order

- CATM instructor, personally engaged in training over 50 operators in 13 different weapon systems
- Cemented ROEs for 2 over watch posts; 46 EoF/62 prnsl/30 vehicles/2 warning shots--thwarted potential TB attacks
- Cert d AU proctors; facil'd 240 PME/CDC tests monthly--enabling 451 AEG AFSCs career development/progression
- Cert'd on UL/UC2 Emrg Mgmt sys; integrated Wing rspns w/IMMS pgm--instant situation updates AUAB wide

- Certified comm focal point redundancy; validated KAB C4I infrastructure--spot forged f/theater security cooperation
- Certified Emergency Medical Technician; garnered medical certification--bolstered emergency ldrship/resp skill sets
- Certified flt armorer; issued/received arms/ammunition/equipment worth $2M--reduced arming time by 50%
- Certified life saver; successfully completed rigorous 8 hr CPR class--gained priceless tools as first responder

- Certified on RADAR/LIDAR, OC Pepper Spray & ASP baton;honed LE skills--enhanced mission capabilities
- Certified Records Custodian; managed VC program/AFRIMS; ensured AFI requirements met/inspection ready
- Certified TCCC mbr; successfully completed rigorous 16 hr class--gained priceless lifesaving tools as first responder
- Champion'd police outreach pgm; educated base community on SF duties--bridged gap between SF & base pop

- Cited 30 traffic violators; enforced regulations--reduced vehicle accidents/improved public safety compliance
- Clearly demonstrated sound understanding of SF knowledge; achieved 92% on QC--set high standard for peers
- Close Boundary Sentry for PL-1 aircraft; ensured the safety of aircraft and crew--guaranteed mission success
- Close in/close boundary sentry for PL-1/2 alert aircraft; secured acft/crew--resource integrity uncompromised

- Collected biometrics for 13.5K personnel; registered base population f/AUAB & CAS--solidified ECP TTPs
- Combat FTM; enabled movements of 110 msns/400 hrs OTW--secured 60K acre BSZ/24K CF/$20B in assets
- Combat Life Saver cert'd; complet'd rigorous 40 hr triage course--gained critical life saving skill set/passed on t/peers
- Combat Ready! Graduated strenuous two week Contingency Readiness Training--deployed in support of OND

- Committed to achieving excellence; rec'd 95% on critical Armory Stan-Eval--"Exceptionally Well Qualified"
- Complet'd adversarial testing 350+ alarm points; detect'd 100% of intrusion attempts--AFI standards exceeded
- Complet'd FEMA Active Shooter Crs; appli'd/develop'd 11 SF mbrs--bolster'd incident response capability/readiness
- Completed 12 antiterrorism/force protection measures; created hard target--potential terrorist activity deterred

- Completed 14 day RTC pre-deployment trng; enhanced lifesaving skills/ABD tactics--honed skills vital f/ deployment
- Completed Active Shooter Incident Response course; baton/combatives/active shooter instructor--increased readiness
- Completed AF Principles of Instruction crse; received six credits--certified instructor for 40 ancillary topics
- Completed all training requirements w/o issue; maintained worldwide readiness--maximized unit capability

- Completed American Heart Association Heart-Saver crs; taught eight airman CPR--improved unit's lifesaving skills
- Conducted 10 random AT/FP Measures; 20 vehicles/facilities inspected--prevented potential terrorist activity
- Conducted 125 AT/FP RAMS; executed 62 hrs of fence line patrols/ID & bldg checks--deterred terrorist attack
- Conducted 45 RAMs around Macdill waterways; negated area intrusions--ensured safety of base populous

- Conducted mobile patrols; protected six US/RAAF wpn systems & secured 52sq km BSZ--safed $6. lB in DoD acrft
- Conducted recall procedures; 100% accountable through 41 IDF attacks--confirmed location/safety of 47 Amn
- Conducted SFG LF recap training; trained 205 SF <38K man-hrs--standardized tactics & raised combat readiness
- Conquered response force leader duty position evaluation; aced exam/scored 100%--raised bar for peers/set standard

- Contributed to 50+ TASS assessments; zero deficiencies-- security of assests never in question/threat mitigated
- Controlled 23 in-flight & eight ground emergencies; cordoned the area--provided unimpeded emergency route
- Controlled six SF/helo integrated recap msns/mgd'd 314 personnel/corrected deficiencies--highlighted unit's abilities
- Coord'd LE Ops; processed 4 assaults/30 citations/9 warrants/4 debarments issued--safed 4K Cadets/11K+ personnel

- Coordinated ground operations for Copper Shield mission supporting Gen. Flintstone--textbook operation
- Coordinated information during ten on-base fire alarms; ensured precision response by multiple base agencies
- Coordinated sec f/joint AMEMB/USMC exercise; bolstered relationship w/39 AMEMB prnsl--100% mission success
- Coordinated w/Stalker Inc; trained 22 SF as LIDAR instructors--300 speeding citations issued/safer roadways

- Decisively led unit patrols; ensured $167M+ assets/11K+ DoD personnel overall safety --100% accountability
- Dedicated Flight trainer; responsible f/ developing 7 Airmen--accomplished superb 93.5% duty qualification pass rate
- Dedicated to excellence; earned an impressive 96% on ISRT/ESRT DPE--exemplified flight standard for peers
- Delivered K-9 support for 12 high-vis events; SECDEF/SECAF/CSAF--perfect execution for 400+ GOs/DVs

- Demonstrated expert C2 during 55 alarms on PL 1-3 resources; ensured security of DoD assets valued at $50B
- Demonstrated superior professionalism during DV visit; lauded for solid post brief/coined by 379 ESFS/DFC
- Deployed 180+ days ISO OIR/OFS; bolstered sec $7.9B ofacft/assets & 3.4K CF prsnl--ensured 15 bombs on target
- Deployed to Balad, Iraq ISO Operation IRAQI FREEDOM--directly responsible for reducing violence

- Deployment RA/S4 Supt; managed $300k budget/equipment purchase/accountability--zero mission gaps/delays
- Destroyed 1K sensitive RAB information, secured PII for base personnel--prev'd terrorist activity on AUAB
- Detained and processed 33 personnel for violations of Misawa AB 35th Fighter Wing base curfew policy
- Detained military member for DWAI, discovered two concealed weapons; ensured safety of all on-scene patrolmen

- Detained/apprehended one drunk driver; enforced wing's zero tolerance policy--removed threats to motorists
- Detained/cited 19 violators; reinforced local/state traffic laws--efforts ensured safety of base & local populace
- Detected four trespassers; prevented multiple threats/identified wanted felon--secured CSX deviation
- Detected two TCN escort violations;eliminated possible hostile insider threat--denied PL2 access/six detained

- Developed 25 SF warriors into cohesive/effective team; flight's apprehension rate was highest in recent years
- Diligently monitored 100+ cameras; abtained info -- valuable for Operations of Special Investigations analysis
- Direct'd flt ops f/30 Role-3/45 MEDEVACs; est security/facilitated patient movement--enabl'd care f/62 WIA/CF/AFN
- Directed AF's lrgst RP program; oversaw 402 controlled & nine restricted areas--vital to USAF '16 Best Lrg SF unit

- Directed forces to nine 911 hang-ups originating in RA; coordinated to assess/secure area--resources protected
- Directed largest munition acct; 770K+ rounds allocated at >$364K--330K+ rounds fired/2.5K pers qual'd
- Directed resp f/dom disturbance; split prsnl/solved incident w/3 wg agencies--restored order to 144 tower residents
- Directed response to mutual assault in housing; arrested suspects and gathered evidence--prevented escalation

- Discovered 2 psnl with warrants; denied violent offenders entry & detained for MPD--safeguarded 26K psnl
- Discovered Airman planning to use Luke AFB to traffic drugs--detained violator, transferred custody
- Dispatched LE patrols to med emergency involving asthma victim--person resuscitated/transported to MGMC
- Dispatched Security Force patrols to 13.5K TASS alarms;oversaw Asst/dictated threat--Hardest Target in KSA

- Dispatched to 113 FW klaxon; set up blocking force between taxiway/resource--expedited alert crew response
- Dispatched to domestic disturbance; administered first aid to victim--safeguarded area for medical pers arrival
- Dispatched to four bldg alarms; established 360 of affected bldg--ensured all military assets were safe/secure
- Dispatched to simultaneous domestic disturbance calls; sound judgement delivered safety to all concerned

- Dispatched to three vehicle accidents; secured scene/established TCPs--eliminated further danger/destruction
- Dispatched to two unsecured buildings; secure/safeguarded $50k+ of mns essential assets--prohibited gov theft
- Dispatcher f/Monaco Fire Alarm System; 1.2K bdgs/1K alarms/30 responses/8.4K sensors worth 53M--ensur'd safety
- Displayed excellent C2 during Schriever protest activity; directed forces/zero breaches--base perimeter secure

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- Displayed impressive technical ability; delivered excellent post brief--efforts recognized/coined by Wing/CC
- Distinguished Graduate; smash'd SF appr crse w/95%/1 of 88 grads--acknowledg'd by AETC CC award/procured BTZ
- Dominated PL1 EC QC; 1/2 E-3 flt members w/certification--achieved perfect 100%/set standard for peers to emulate
- Dominated Sector 1 explosive sweep; org'd 100% inspection of 451 AEG fac & KAF FL--defended f/insider threat

- Dply'd to KAF during OFS/ORS; mng'd $2.2 mil eq/$125K Muns; ensrd 2 combt resupply points remained bttle rdy
- Drove Wg Expdtnry Active Shooter Tng; org/instr'd 140 mbrs/280 hrs--tm recogniz'd by 11 AF/CC/mbr coin'd
- Dvlp'd & implmted dynmic pro fire course; live fire trng 61 airmen on vari weapons; ensured zero/efficiency/safety
- Dynamic flight performer; always goes above and beyond--efforts led to 11 SFS Squadron of the Year Award

- Embeded Predator recon w/OTW msns; only ISR ready in GCCC; 2X perimeter defense -- CFACC, well done
- Energetic and capable--a proven vital asset to the United States Air Force and Security Forces career field
- Enforced base RAM pgm; conducted 48 base patrols/ID checks--deterred terrorist activities against installation
- Enforced Wg's AT/FP standards; execution of 50 random antiterrorism measures resulted in zero penetrations!

- Establish'd Alarm Working Grp; directed 30-mbr tm; ID'd Intrusion Detection issues to SF/CC--prep'd section
- Establish'd entry control point for grnd emergency; evacuat'd affect'd area--protect'd four F-16s worth $160M
- Established C2 for 19 IDF salvos/complex attack; expedited QRF posting/PAR sweeps; secured POI/--crushed threats
- Established diverted security; protected 10 JASDF F-15/3 lcl acft--ensured safety f/350 prsnl f/Naha airfield recovery

- Established LZ f/8 Hajj acft; led 3 overwatch tms/guarded afld/0 CMA incursions--granted safe pilgrimage f/2K civs
- Excellent leader; conducted study session with pipeline Airmen--efforts achieved desired 100% QC pass rate
- Executed close in/boundary sentry duties on alert PL-1 acft; prevented unauthorized access--ensured msn ready
- Executed flt security during 20 high-vis events; POTUS/CSAF/CMSAF/1K guests/200 DVs--superb oversight

- Executed security f/100 acft/11K CF/$10B warfighting assets--directly impacted OEF/OND/CJTF-HOA msn
- Executes security/TASS duties; C2 f/24 posts & patrols/monitors 132 sensors/6 LRTIs/53 cams--27 km² BSZ secured
- Expanded airpower; sync'd w/A-10's f/OP Winter Hawg/1 pers/2 FOB FP surveys/7 days--extended AFCENT reach
- Expanded Integrated Def measures; multiplied PAR force x208 pax/6 DFPs--increased AEG base defense/FP capes

- Expedited 332 ESFG AEF changeover; processed 500+ personnel/1K+ wpns; reduced transition time by 40%
- Expedited to 747 a/c ground emergency; posted as EC for emergency personnel--minimized AB mission delay
- Expertly directed dynamic team; controlled daily ops and training--100% EVAL pass rate under his leadership
- Extremely knowledgeable NCO; provided top notch PAX Terminal briefing--coined by AMC/CC for delivery

- Facilitated Afghan UH-60 beddown; coord'd airfield VA/sync'd w/AEAG--created refuel/arm point f/Norther Ops
- Facilitated afld projs; SLRTI placed/AM2 road created/SF man-pwr rvw--4 mil pax gain/elim'd EOSS escort burdens
- Facilitated tour of SED f/MSG/CC; toured hot spots/briefed current SOFA/USFK policies--coined f/professionalism
- Fill'd E-8 billet as Supt f/21 days; mng'd 31 psnl/3 armories 2K wpns--secured $38.8B in jt assets & 92K mbrs

- Fire Alarm/CC; dispatched patrols, establish'd 360 perimeter, evacuat'd & swept lodging--source found no loss of life
- First on-scene at accidental shooting; provided medical attention, processed crime scene--conserved evidence
- First on-scene to vehicle accident; secured scene/conducted investigation--minimized further potential hazards
- First resp to breaking & entering in progress; led entry team direct to threat--subject detained, spouse unharmed

- First responder to A-10 ground emergency; initiated 1K ft cordon--safely evacuated 30 51 AMXS personnel
- First responder to A-10 ground emergency; safely cordoned munitions mishap--protected $12B in AF resources
- First responder to medical emergency; provided first aid and buddy care to injured individuals--preserved life
- First responder to suicide attempt; assisted First Sergeant with dorm insp/seized narcotics--member's life saved

- First respondor to distressed vessel; 3 persons recovered/transported back to shore; averted further danger
- First-on-Scene to four domestic disputes/loud noise complaints; three suspects detained--order/peace restored
- First-rate Honor Guard mbr; participated as bearer/firing squad in eight military funerals--textbook ceremonies
- Flawless administrator; improved flight training plan--efforts directly linked to unit "Team of Qtr" recognition

- Flt standout during UCI; Wg's 1st inspection in seven yrs--effort linked to unit's excellence/Wg's "Pass" rating

- Gallantly commandeered two unsanctioned weapons during DUI detainment; potential active shooter deterred
- Generated 10 human aid msns; built trust of populace outside KAF's 21km perimeter--increas'd HUMINT pool 20%
- Go to Amn! Encrypted radio/satellite battlefield positioning system expert--improved flt readiness/capability
- Governed Branch Avenue bus depot ops for '11 JSOH; 20K pers/30K bags searched--ensured safety of 195K
- Graduated AFMC Brave Defender Regn'l Combat Trng Ctr, Creech AFB--coined by 99 CC--receivd top squad
- Graduated ALS; garnered essential supervisory skills needed to succeed/tackle new leadership responsibilities

- Hand picked above peers for Assistant trng NCOIC; effectively filled NCO position--taught 400+ Airmen crit duties
- Hand picked CE Escort; 480 hours providing security for CE civilian workers--base construction unimpeded
- Hand selected as "Flight Admin"; single-handedly oversaw flt personnel actions--assured 30+ mbrs fit for duty
- Hand selected by leadership! Decisively supervised TASS operations; secured 11km perimeter -- zero mishaps
- Hand-picked as Joint Controller; vital HN/US SF liaison & communication link--boosted security realtionship
- Hastily responded to worst ROK typhoon in 50 yrs; redirected traffic for responding crew--flawless execution

- ID'd 4 FP gaps in KDH cargo/prsnl ops; coord'd w/EOSS/re-postured 3 patrls f/afld def--prevented flight line breachs
- Id'd muns discrepancy; implemented Armory SOP/Policy Ltr for unserviceable ammo--MICT write-up closed
- Identified and detained individual for DUI and driving without a license; keeping the streets safe for all
- Identified local wanted fugitive at VCC; coordinated with local law enforcement--seamless custodial transfer

- Immediately rais d barriers for two ECP gate-runners; challeng'd driver/secur d scene--51st remains hard target
- Implemented CJOC relocation; first-line detection/observation sustained--met TAAC-S HQ directives 1 month early
- Improved first-line of defense for JBA; Completed Moblisa trng--noteworthy improvement of AT/FP measures
- Incident Commander certified; capable of assuming on-scene command during major accident--trained/ready

- Informed Top III/1st Sgt councils; ed'd on curfew stds/violation trends--equipped SNCOs to enforce USFK standards
- Innovative and resourceful; led unit's migration to the MBITR tactical radio system--sustained crit comms
- Instructed Expeditionary Active Shooter Training; 80+ 403rd personnel trained--established deployment ready status
- Instructed OU ROTC program; trained shoot/ move/ communicate skills--future USAF officers combat oriented

- Instructed Wg/IRP Prgm requirements; dvlp'd crse material/40 page traing slide--cert'd 55 AF/joint service personnel
- Integral participant of the 2011 JSOH; conducted stringent searches at Branch Ave--28K personnel processed
- Intercepted 7 unauthorized vessels/10 personnel in CRA; subjects cited/briefed & released--negated threat

- Jt Svs Open House dir sec ops; led 1,185 DoD mbrs/3 sites/denied 76 protestors access--secured 106K guests

- Key ECP member during sector lockdown; evac'd personnel & secured entry/exit lanes--prevented penetration
- Key member of Wg Emergency Services Team; endured intense training/earned cert--leader among peer group

- Lead 6 defenders to Iceland; sppt'd USAF Icelandic Aerial Surveillance Rotations msn--awarded AF Commendation
- Lead investigator for 2 major traffic accidents; ensured safety, integrity of affected area--preserved critical evidence
- Lead patrol for fraud investigation at EAFB BX; recovered $100 in stolen merchandise--prevented losses to AAFES
- Lead patrol for three PL2 AC ground emergency; set security/evac'd 55 personnel--AFCENT mission unstinted

- Lead patrolman during gate runner; prevented airfield shutdown--detained two civilians/protected 2.6k base prsnl
- Lead security response force member f/ CORONA evnt; 30 GOs/SECAF/DVs in attendance--AF top leaders secured
- Lead vehicle control officer; maint'd $4.2M/17 tactical vehicles/certified 31 personnel--enabled 123 on-time convoys
- Leadership style led to maximum production--ops section received 386 AEW "Team of the Month" recognition

- Led 186 KAF Security Zone OTW ops; neutralized 23 INS threats--creat'd 960 IIRs/disrupted multi-TB network cell
- Led by example; exceeded standards/expectations--successfully carried out assigned tasks w/little supervision
- Led Joint Ops w/JCSE; secured area for critical water survival training certification; ensured mission capable
- Led KAF 5/6 Pres; dvlp'd 16 hr prof dvlpmt course/spearheaded 8 fundraisers--prepared future leaders/raised $891

- Led logistics recovery f/17 day POTUS visit; restor'd afld/inventoried DV protection pkg--prot'd $754M assets
- Led response during four medical emergencies; administered first aid until EMS arrived--prevented loss of life
- Led security spt for French refueling msn; 150 sorties/3K hrs/24K lbs of fuel--strengthened coalition relations
- Led three F-16D ground emergencies; directed ECPs/cordons--ensured safety of munitions/$56M in aircraft

- Led three no-notice readiness exercises; executed Delta AT/FP measures--guaranteed compliance w/ DoD directives
- Led trainning for Marine Patrol mbrs; instructed safe launch/towing/vessel maint--ensured 100% compliance
- Lifetime Security Police Association mbr; helped raise 3,000+ toys in annual "Toys for Tots" drive on base

- Maintain'd daily DBIDs inventory; confirmed 100% accountability--maintained control of $80K in crit equip
- Maintaned TASS operations; f/8 Grd/2 IFE cordoned area/cleared routes--prevented loss of life or critical asst
- Managed $800K in ammo/$400K in LMR/$35K in RADAR devices; SF msn critical equip--zero discrepancies
- Managed 20 vehicle fleet valued at $800K; ensured 96% Vehicle-In-Commission rate--trump'd AF goal by 6%

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- Managed 65+ OJT records; created checklist/conducted review--efforts resulted in 20 corrected discrepancies
- Managed 7 curfew violations/12 UCMJ infractions; apprehend'd/processed suspects--upheld 8th Army/CC msn intent
- Managed a Security Forces locker layout plan; > $1Million in equipment accounted for--enhanced the SFS standards
- Managed CDC/PME program in deployed location; provided requirements/ guidance--ensurd100% compliance

- Managed FLT trng prgm;organiz d/train d 62 prsnl --prepar d AEW f/contingency resp/mitigat d AEW shortfall
- Managed JDOC/TASS ops; operated $10.7M eqpmt/265 zones/25 cameras w/98% detect rate--enemy intrusion avert'd
- Met w/150 Iraqis' in home meetings; negotiated LN/CF interests--artfully obtained 200 pgs of actionable intel
- Methodically train'd/cert'd four ECC controllers; provid'd 50+ hours of OJT leadership--enhanc'd msn success

- Mng'd 1.4K ft T-Wall Proj; added 50 barriers to Int'l Airport/Camp perimeter--sec'd 2 AF sectors/DV qtrs/6.5K CF
- Mng'd KAF med prgm; establish'd new CCP/order'd 1k items/trn'd TCCC/IDF f/80 mbrs--renforc'd SABC readiness
- Mng'd sec prep f/sub emer mx; led 18 mbrs/setup ctrl twr/1K ft boundary--restored $4B nuke msn cape/4 days
- Monitord 2nd largest TASS in AOR; 868 sensors/70 cameras/250 +IV As/ $10M in equip-- $1.4B assets prot d

- Motivated attitude/work ethic; performed in courteous/professional manner--efforts earned him EST selection
- Multiplied CROWS ops 82nd Bat; certified 26 prsnl/5 days/fixed 6/11 NMR sys < 7 days--5 EOF western perm def
- My #1 pick to lead S4 flight; flawlessly managed unit's $500K budget/$2.1M supply acct; 300+ Amn benefited

- Obtained Oleoresin Capsicum instructor certification; improved unit trng prgrm effectiveness/personal growth
- On scene to five 113 FW klaxon activations; tactically established ECP--alert crew launched acft unhindered
- Orch'd FP posture f/Hajj Pilgrimage/Empanda; liais'd w/KDH f/escort rqmts--57 flts/4K+ pax moved/zero sect'y inc
- Orchestrated airtight courtroom security for 3 CMs/11 days; coor'd MWDs & bailiffs--legal proceedings incident free

- Org'd police veh GPS install proj; mng'd ops w/6 orgs/rotat'd 106 shift vehs--enabl'd tracking of $3M in assets
- Organized add'l flt wpn certs; 8 mbrs completed 35 hr CROWS class f/$190k system--enhanced security capes >30%
- Oriented/trained newly assigned Amn; ensured proficiency of duties--enabled smooth transition into AF & unit
- OSC f/US Army physical threat w/knife to KSA MOD prnsl; secured scene/investigated incident--diffused w/o injury

- Outstanding duty performance/teamwork; directly contributed to Bravo Flt selection as "Team of the Quarter"
- Outstanding performer--his sustained excellence directly contributed to Bravo Flt's selection as "Team of Qtr"
- Outstanding performer; controlled entry for 195K spectators during '11 air show--incident free three day event
- Oversaw 60+ RAMs/32 IEPCs; sustained BRAVO posting/secured 19K acres--recieved XX ABW Verne Orr Award

- Oversaw training f/confinement Armed Transfer Team; certified two SF members--ensur'd inmate transfer capability
- Overwatch security f/11 rotator msns; sec'd 2K pax destin'd to five AOR's--protected AEF cycle f/USCENTCOM ops

- Partcptd MQ-1B Predator tng; integrated ESFS/ERS operations--maximized Integrat'd Defense Force ISR capes
- Participated in the Halloween night "Pumpkin Patrol"; patrolled base housing area--safeguarded 300 children
- Participated in two PAT Site recovery exercises; bolstered cohesion with Army ADA--$40M assets secured
- Patrolled largest MSA in AFCENT; secured 5K munitions valued at $2.3B--enabled downrange OCO support

- Patrolled largest MSA in AOR; secured 5K+ munitions valued at $2.1B--sets base warfighting readiness mark
- Performed 25 RAM's & 8 BEPC's; enhanced detection capabilities at IECP's--solidified MAFB's IBD efforts
- Performed 31 joint USSS/SF DV details; secured arrival/departure of acft/personnel--world leaders protected
- Performed as observer/controller during five USAF exercises; integral to overall success of SF assessments

- Performed duties as vehicle trainer; trained 20+ flight members on SF vehicles--increased Govrn Vhcle drivers
- Performed six vehicle accident investigations; gather'd/comp'd paperwork--restored good order and discipline
- Performed uniform disposal duties; collected/destroyed 2K items/salvaged/re-issued OCPs--saved DoD $5K
- Personally led two McGruff events; educated 400 children on crime prevention--enhanced community relations

- Piloted EOD team to suspicious package; safeguarded convoy/equip--device neutralized/mitigated loss of life
- Piloted Force Protection tactical def prgm; qual'd 55 AF/2 USA prsnl w/5.8K rnds--bolstered camp response force
- Pioneered new tng plan; redesigned schedule f/150 psnl--add'd 50 tng hrs/reinvested 9K hrs to Amn readiness
- Prep'd 24 augmentees for SF duty--"every airman is a sentry" warrior ethos instilled; AUAB contingency ready

- Prepared flight personnel for their Standardization Evaluations; increased pass rate by 75%
- Preserved Dignified Transfer f/2 fallen USA KIA; secur'd area & routes--return'd hero's home w/dignity/honor/respect
- Primary C2; 100+ TASS alarms/dispatched/provided crucial IVA/executed 150+ MST's--protectd AOR's hardest target
- Primary Flight Chief; leads xx Security Forces (SF) personnel protecting $3.3B in USSTRATCOM assets

- Primary Observer/Controller for unit--evaluated Security Forces combat teams during scenarios
- Primary records custodian for 88 personnel; strictly tracked & protected personal info--maintained INFOSEC
- Pristine dispatch and coordination; two violators apprehended for CDS possession--resulted in air-tight cases
- Proactive patrolman; detected eighteen unsecured facilities--prevented possible property loss valued at $100K

- Proactive patrolman; enthusiastically enforced traffic regulations--enhanced traffic safety for base residents
- Processed ammo resupply; comp'd OOCR's f/120k rnds/accnt'd f/100% of 1.5k mis-labled 9mm--enabled SF pro-fire
- Processed/responded to 1,500+ alarm activations; ensured security of over $167M in Dod personnel/ resources
- Program Manger & VCO; instituted recommendations to eliminate accidents for GOV--excuted mnthly safty brfs

- Protected POTUS/VPOTUS & DV arrivals/departures; cleared travel routes--secured top US & world leaders
- Provided C2 for disturbance; accom'd to swift apprehension of suspects--effect'd five Article 134/117 charges
- Provided C2 for inmate transfers; coor'd escorts with AFSFC and TSA--ensured public/inmates safety during transfer
- Provided sec f/10 xxxx prsnl captured by xxxx; safe transport to friendly territory--international incident mitigated

- Provided security for 10K pers during Montgomery 5K run; event earned $175K for five charities--role model
- Provided security for Senator Boozman's visit; crucial TCP for event--unit execution lauded by AW leadership
- Provided security for Senator Kennedy's funeral; crucial TCP for event--perfect execution without deficiencies
- Provided support to Sq Warehouse; w/ inventory, maintaining, issuing, ensuring operational readiness--100% success

- Provided visual; 12 in-flight A-10 & F-16 emergencies; safeguarded $80M assets--landed safely w/o incident

- QB'd Op KAF Xmas; tm'd w/Chaplain, stuffed 700 stockings/wrapped 300 gifts--filled holiday void f/deployed Amn
- Quarterbacked 75 KLEs; sync'd GDA--key to regional stability KDH IAP; ptr with Director, drove airport posture
- Quick decision making during ERRI/CERI scenarios--executed post attack UXO sweeps and SABC care
- Quickly calmed rapidly rising tensions among 300 demonstrators, coordination prevented escalation of violence

- Reacted to five alarm activations; established cordon/maintained exterior security--safeguarded vital assets
- Received 36 coins; lauded by C2--CFACC/COMACC/CENTCOM/CSM/AFCENT/FP Director/SFM/Wg/Gp/CC
- Reissued 13 Special Security Instruction; revised, editted, & prodc'd high qual binders--vital SF knowledge
- Rendered assistance for domestic disturbance; ensured victim/witness rights--diffused situation w/out incidents

- Reorg'd armory; optimal equip/wpn configuration--decreased arming times 40%/sped major incident response
- Reported aircraft fire on flightline; swift reaction led to Fire/Rescue dispatch--saved lives & extinguished fire
- Reported catastrophic failure during Hurricane; swift notifications/actions prevented injury/loss to vital assets
- Reported major security incident on PL2 MPA; eliminated the tamper of critical assets--enabl'd mission continuance

- Represented as the First 4 Treasurer; /96 hrs/2 Wing level events/coordinated Airman promotion parties--raised $200
- Resolv'd 4 dom disturbs; substantiat'd evidence/determin'd fault--diffus'd volatile scen/charg'd suspects w/4 UCMJ Arts
- Respnsble fire warden for 3 wrk centers/75 prsnl--maintnd fire plans/evac routes/extinguishers/alarms/emrgcy lghts
- Responded to 10 IFEs/GEs; secured acft/cleared response routes/expedited EMS/Fire--zero loss of AF assets

- Responded to 19 unexploded ordinance and IED sites, established cordons, evacuated personnel, and saved lives
- Responded to 24 alarm activations; assessed/vindicated threats to resource--safeguarded $1B in critical assets
- Responded to 5 building alarms; decisive actions led to immediate assessments--assign to most responsible positions
- Responded to a RQ-7 crash OTW recovery; coord'd w/TF SS--fac'd in-place det/avoid'd seizure of $750K ISR asset

- Responded to CDS at Main Gate; flawless processing of evidence/subject--unshakable case ensured conviction
- Responded to domestic disturbance; diffused altercation/apprehended two subjects--quickly resolved incident
- Responded to domestic disturbance; utilized swift intervention to defuse incident--enabled peaceful resolution
- Responded to domestic incident; secured mother & daughter--effected apprehension/prevented further injuries

- Responded to domestic violence BOLO hit; apprehended/detained/processed subject--prevented possible harm
- Responded to four shopliftings at AAFB BX; recovered $900 in stolen merchandise--prevented loss to AAFES
- Responded to gate runner; performed K9 sweeps--prevented possible threat from impacting msn/PL resources
- Responded to HAZMAT ground emergency, initiated area evac; U-2 a/c--safeguarded resources worth $380M

- Responded to medical emergency; secured scene until relieved by medical personnel--victim safely transported
- Responded to seven medical emergency calls; stabilized situations until arrival of EMS--flawless procedures
- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted AFOSI in recovering contents without unnecessary hazard
- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted HAZMAT team in recovering contents--prevented personnel exposure

(Video) SRA BTZ Board "personal advice"

- Responded to three 911 calls--checked vital signs & preformed SABC--patients stabilized until medic arrival
- Responded to three F-16/A-10 IFEs; locked down taxiway approaches--aided unimpeded emergency access
- Responded to three in-flight emergencies; secured approach path--facilitated rapid FD response/resolution
- Responded to twelve IFE's; secur'd $824M critical war fighting assets--amply result'd in AUAB msn readiness

- Responded to two suicidal gestures; stabilized patients until arrival of emergency med prsnl--saved both lives
- Responsible for over 154,588 munitions inventory, with 100% inspected; resulting in zero discrepancy rate
- Revamp'd Defender's Resiliency crs; craft'd 70 field tng hrs/21 modules--incr'd skills & confidence f/250 psnl
- Revamped controlled item inspection program--fixed eight major security deficiencies; 19K pers safe/secure

- Revamped Sq training venues; Secured $280k f/FATS/SMC range w/MOUT caps--cost driven initiative saved $766k
- Revamped unit family care pgm/unit safety boards/EO board; zero findings/praised by IG inspectors during CI
- Revised AFCENT FAST instrn; defined msn specific rqmts for 72 mbrs--mitigated inconsistent AO standards
- Revised Vehicle Control Officer Program; updated program --passed VCO inspection, now 100% compliant

- Rspnd to 3 hostile IDF attacks; arm'd 32 QRF pers/1.3 kil LSA/1600 pr swift response--awarded SNCO of the Month

- Safeguarded 13 A-10 acft; facilitated 3760 combat sorties/protected $756M in AF assets--2000 strikes/1700 EKIA
- Safeguarded 42 nuc msns traversed 5.2K miles/1.1K hrs over tristate region--upheld TF-214's 99.7% readiness rate
- Scheduled 300 volunteers f/Frontier Days; dedicated 144 hrs to shift management/supervision--acquired $8K for unit
- Scored outstanding 91% on 7-skill level EOC--acquired leadership and management skills for ABD operations

- Scored over 90% on Physical Fitness Exam; excellent rating--proven to embody AFs "Fit to Fight" initiative
- Screened/vetted 60 local national workers; aided completion of 125 projects--$600M construction completed
- Sec'd AFCENT's largest ISR Squadron guarded 33 MQ-9/protected 95 personnel--enabled 5200 sorties/3600 EKIA
- Secured foreign dignitary aircraft, controlled security movement locations--allowed for safe arrival/departure

- Secured high-vis Nuclear Security Summit; convoyed 65 DV s to/from site--on-time movements/incident-free
- Secured launch site for counter artillery attack--enabled joint force strike to deter incoming indirect fire attack
- Secured taxiway 12 In-Flight Emergency on F-16/A-10s; allowed emergency access--secured $1.4B AF assets
- Secured taxiway for 10 IFEs on F-16/A-10s; allowed emergency personnel access--secured $1.4B AF assets

- Seized unauthorized media device & ID'd TCN perp; thwarted possible attack against critical C2 infrastructure
- Selected to attend unit's Deliberate Development Crs; honed ldrsp skills--prepar'd to execute supervisor duties
- Selfless individual; volunteered to sponsor two inbound Defenders--eased transition for newly assigned pers
- Served as squad leader during primary's two month absence; managed 13 Security Forces Airmen--zero deficiencies

- Sexual Assault Theater Grp POC; 15 mock trial performances--educat'd FW on DoD's "Zero Tolerance" policy
- Sharpened SF skills; certified on All-Terrain Vehicles, expandable baton, and Intoxilizer 5000
- Showcased urgency; challenged installation gate runner; popped barriers--denied access/apprehended subject
- Skilled C2 for two suspicious pkgs; coordinated multi-agency response--set cordons/evac'd 78 prsnl f/recovery

- Skillful Pathfinder controller; operated $28M integrated base defense system--increased flt mission readiness
- Skillful Pathfinder Operator; superbly cntrl'd $28M integrated base defense system--unhindered flightline Ops
- Solidified in-theater training; cert'd 74 Airmen/Drone Buster/C-sUAS Defeat system--180 Combat aircraft protected
- Sorted & distributed mail; $100K worth of packages for 50+ prsnl/ week--ensured USPS procedures followed 100%

- Sounded alarm as EC during real-world gate runner; textbook procedures--SFS/CC quoted "picture execution"
- Spearheaded deployment preparation; 7 defender team fully prepared for deployment--ensured AF mission success
- Spearheaded effort to implement LEOSA program for XXX SFS; developed/ensured compliance with HHQ directive
- Spearheaded re-write of Corrections OI; closed 2 critical write ups--ensured AFI requirements met/Inspection ready

- Sponsored new Amn/recent technical training school graduate; led familiarization--ensured flawless transition
- Srv'd as Chief Administrator for EM program; zero program discrepancies; fostered safe environment for 150 Airmen
- Steered GIRoA Pres security; adj sec posture/coord w/HN sec svc/350 commandos--foster'd democratic election prcs
- Stellar Airman! Assisted with detail for USEUCOM/CC--coined by Naval Flag Officer for his professionalism

- Stellar S4 sup; acquired $700K in mission essential LRAD's/TASS/binos/radios--transformed SF's mission capability
- Stopp'd gate-runner; rais'd barriers; challeng'd vehicle; correct'd driver's error--enforc'd base def w/o incident
- Stopped gate-runner; popped barriers/challenged vehicle & corrected driver's error--enforced base standards
- Stopped gate-runner; popped barriers; challenged vehicle; corrected driver's error--enforced IBD w/o incident

- Strengthened Coalition ties; instrumental participation in 12hrs LITSOF/GMT trng exercise--furthered jnt op success
- Super'd Army/USAF sec op; led 32 SF/MP prsnl cleared 2 camps/35 OCN's--3 UA items seized/insider threat negated
- Superb Amn; ID'd as outstanding performer during DV detail--coined by USEUCOM/CC for professionalism
- Superb supervisory skills; fostered teamwork/raised morale/motivated Amn--lauded by unit & wing leadership

- Supervised ground security for PL-1 alert acft; secured avenues of approach--ensured an incident free mission
- Supply accnt mngr; inventoried $2.2M in weapons/comm/ammo/munitions/tac equip--ensured 100% accountability
- Supported Andrews Air Show--$2B assets/250K guests safe/secured--recognized as an outstanding performer
- Supported multiple 5k runs; traffic control points/manned water stations--safe environment for over 700 coalition prs

- Swiftly respond'd to three F-16/A-10 in-flight/ground emergencies; prepp'd 1st responders to possible mishaps
- Synced 9 UXO responses w/4 agencies; established ctrl/set cordon/evac d camps--$1.8B CA/2.4K CF secured

- Teamed w/AD, contractors; secured Wg PL1 assets in 48 hrs--safeguard'd 9 constr projs/$16M NATO resources
- Textbook execution; gate-runner incident; immediately initiated barriers/neutralized threat--ensured wg safety
- Took action in drug suspect call; apprehended AMN with meth paraphernalia--enforced AFMAN 33-197 drug policy
- Took charge as Flight Vehicle Trainer and certified over 30 flight personnel on flight's specialty vehicles

- Took lead during 2 MWD Alerts while deployed; secured area/evac'd personnel--resulted in zero casualties
- Top performer; deployed to Al Udeid AB--coined by 379 SF/CC for "superior performance" as alarm monitor
- Top rate patrolman; responded to street racing incident and damage to government--base populace protected
- Top-notch Contingency Skills instructor--imparted his operational experience and combat skills to 200 students

- Trained 35 prnsl on town patrol; 58 personnel/DV oversight/8 hrs of instruction--team coined/curfews diminished
- Trained 90 SFG's most diverse msn; instilled knowledge/courage--enabled 24/7 watch/security of USA's nuc aresenal
- Trained eight man disturbance control team; augmented superlative list of skills--enhanced section capability
- Trained four flt Airmen; assured competence in assigned duties & responsibilities--attained 90% eval pass rate

- Trained over 450 base personnel on basic guard duties--increased post security, prevented injuries
- True ambassador; mentored AF JROTC drill team--imparted military standards & tradition to potential recruits
- Trusted mentor; trained six newly assigned Amn on flt policy/procedures--increased msn capability/readiness

- Unit OPSEC & Alt Sec Mngr; mng'd 14 MICT line items/auth'd qtrly trng/verified 20 clearances--100% compliance
- Unit Safety Representative; maintained records/reports for 632 pers--identified as WG "Top Performer" by IG
- Upheld and secured area for 8 IFE's; facilitated unhindered emergency fire/medical response--zero casualties
- Utilized $250K ID technology; validated credentials for 35K/10 DoD agencies--prevented unauthorized entries

- Validat'd 100 personnel sec clearances in JPAS; process'd 100 RABs--enabl'd unit mission with 95% turnover
- Validated 486 training records; tracked 250 upgrade training--ensured 400 records in compliance for stan-eval
- Validated flight airfield license training program; 30+ Airmen in deployed location-- all recieved airfld license
- Verified over 13k access creds; enhanc'd installation access w/DBIDS-reduc'd terrorist/insurgent/insider threat

- Vetted entry requirements for 35K+ visitors; maintained $250K biometrics system--secured KAFB assets/prsnl
- Vigilant entry controller; id'd 7 curfew violations; assisted w/apprehension/processing suspects--enforced Wg stds
- Virtuoso BDOC controller; coached 4 future desk sgts--DPEs accomplished ahead of schedule/1 wk/+90% qual rate
- Vital SF mbr; lauded by inspectors during 11 Wg UCI--key contributor in Wing "SQ of the Year" recognition!

- Vol'd f/National Night Out '13; promoted anti-drug/crime programs--cultivated relations w/local LE agencies
- Volunteered 68+ hrs at USO supporting reopening: sorted/org'd morale equip't--USO directly influenced base morale
- Volunteered as SF rep for rewrite of fledging base fitness program; instilled continuity and 100% compliance
- Volunteered for annual pumpkin patrol; aggressively patrolled base community--ensured a fun/safe time for all

- Volunteered for week-long active shooter training; honed lifesaving skills and improved base-wide response
- Volunteered to improve perimeter defenses--picked up debris/cleaned TASS equip--hardened defense posture

- Well Represented! 33 AFCM, 45 AFAM, 6 BSM, 550 volunteer hrs--continued operational combat support in KAF
- Well rounded Amn; demonstrated ability to perform tasks on time--completed tasks with minimum supervision
- Wg leader! Elected base 5/6 Vice Pres--mentor'd '14 Staff Amn OTY, NCO OTQ and CCAF degree recipients

(Video) AMMO EPR

- Zealously enforced traffic regulations; conducted traffic stops and educated motorists--increased traffic safety


What are the 3 parts to an EPR bullet? ›

We built the three parts of the bullet, the accomplishment, impact, and result.

How many bullets do you need for an EPR? ›

The EPR consists of categories of performance that require 4-6 bullets centered on accomplishments in selected areas.

What are EPR bullets? ›

Definition: A concise written statement of a person's single accomplishment and its impact on the unit mission, organization, etc. This is the format for the Performance Assessment blocks of the EPR.

What is an Air Force EPR? ›

An Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is an evaluation form used by the United States Air Force. Instructions for constructing an EPR appear in chapter 3 of Air Force Instruction 36-2406: Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems. The EPR replaced the Airman Performance Report (APR) in the late 1980s.

How do you write good air force bullets? ›

Bullet statement format is merely the use of short sentence fragments to describe something. The goal is communicating the fact as briefly as possible and normal sentence structure requirements, such as conjunctions and punctuation, are not required. The reason for this is economy of space.

How do I name my Air Force EPR? ›

The “creator” of the report will utilize the standard AF performance report naming construct to label each report: AF707/AF910/AF911 (whichever is applicable) LASTNAME FIRST INITIAL LAST FOUR CLOSEOUT DATE (2 digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day).

How many points is an EPR worth? ›

For the most recent EPR, Airmen will receive 250 points for a “Promote Now” recommendation, 220 points for “Must Promote,” and 200 points for “Promote.” And for Airmen with only one eligible EPR, that will be the extent of their score.

How long does it take to write an EPR? ›

If you have all the information you need, which is the RIP and a list of the ratee's accomplishments, you can produce a pretty good draft in an hour or so depending on your ability. Click on the links below for specific instructions. One of two forms is used for documenting performance.

How often are EPRs due? ›

EPRs are required to be completed on an annual basis based on grade of the Airman being rated. However, EPRs are no longer required for regular Air Force Airmen in the grade of airman first class and below with less than 36 months' time-in-service or Air Reserve Component Airmen below the grade of senior airman.

How do you get a good EPR? ›

Evaluators look at EPRs for future leadership potential.
  1. "Tell it how it is. Be honest and truthful." ...
  2. "Complete the things you have the power to control." ...
  3. "Look at involvement outside your work center." ...
  4. "Do the things no one else wants to do." ...
  5. "Know your leadership potential."
Dec 19, 2014

What does EPR stand for? ›

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach under which producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products.

How does extended producer responsibility work? ›

Extended Producer Responsibility is a concept where manufacturers and importers of products should bear a significant degree of responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products throughout the product life-cycle, including upstream impacts inherent in the selection of materials for the products, impacts ...

What is a 3 on an EPR? ›

twice." Or use the stock phrase for "3" EPRs: "consider for promotion". Promotion Statement Key: 5 - promote now, immediately, as soon as possible (promote) 4 - ready for promotion (don't promote)

Do I have to write my own EPR? ›

Although Airmen don't write their own EPRs, they are expected to keep track of their accomplishments and provide a list of EPR inputs when it's time for EPRs. Once in a while, even after being asked several times, an Airman will not provide any inputs at all.

What is the Air Force Little Blue Book? ›

"As Airmen, we are charged with upholding a culture founded on professionalism, dignity and respect – that's what our core values are about." The original 1997 “United States Air Force Core Values” handbook (aka the “Little Blue Book”) was published to introduce the Air Force core values to the Air Force.

How many points is a commendation medal Worth Air Force? ›

The Air Force Commendation Medal has a weighted airman promoted system point value of three. The Air Force Commendation Medal is ordinarily managed by the awards and decorations section of the human resources team. It can be submitted by any supervisor or nominator through personnel systems.

Can a bullet be made of ice? ›

ICE Bullets - Fantasy Shotgun Round in Real Life - YouTube

How are bullets traced to a gun? ›

The theory behind firearm identification is that microscopic striations and impressions left on bullets and cartridge cases are unique, reproducible, and therefore, like “ballistic fingerprints” that can be used to identify a gun.


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